Student Alliance for Student Loan Registration, UIN RM said Surakarta calls for revocation of DEMA suspension decree

TIME.CO, Solo – The demonstrations have resumed UIN RM Said Surakarta follows the case of a new student who was asked to register an online loan account (pinjol). The demonstration was carried out by hundreds of student members of the UIN RM Said Surakarta Student Organization Alliance (Ormawa) on Wednesday afternoon, August 30, 2023.

In the demonstration in front of the rectorate the students asked for three points. First, they requested the revocation of the decree of the rector of Raden Mas Said Surakarta University number 1003 of 2023 regarding the results of the session of the Honor Council of the Ethics Council of UIN RM Said Surakarta of 2023. The decree contained the suspension of the Student Executive Council (DEMA).

Former DEMA UIN chief RM Said Surakarta Ayuk Latifah said that since the decree was issued, his position as DEMA chairman has been removed effective August 9, 2023.

“Since August 9, 2023, I have been silenced personally and as an institution because the rector’s decree was adopted unilaterally removing me as head of DEMA and freezing the university’s DEMA,” Ayuk said.

Second, the students demanded an official apology from the rector’s office and its staff to the institutions, staff and related parties for statements they believed did not conform to the facts. According to the alliance, this caused a stir and prematurely the trial and the results of the code of ethics trial were decided unilaterally.


In the third request, the students asked the rectorate and staff to bear the impact of the material losses suffered by Dema UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta due to the instructions to unilaterally cancel the cooperation.

In addition to the prayers, the demonstration was characterized by the chanting of the Prophet’s salawat and by the action of placing flowers in the courtyard of the rectorate of the UIN RM Said Surakarta.

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