Story of Jember University team winning building resource management competition due to capital relocation

TIME.CO, Jember – Tim Jember University successfully won second place in the Management and Usage competition State assets across Indonesia 2023 or better known as The Asset Manager (TAM) competition. The team, represented by M. Wahyu Eko Satriyo and Citra Darma Wida, had to answer questions from Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Minister of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono.

Wahyu Eko Satriyo and Citra Darma Wisa are among the staff of the State Property Office (BMN). This result is believed to be quite encouraging considering that out of the 248 Public Service Entities (BLUs) in Indonesia, only 44 BLUs managed to participate in the TAM competition. Additionally, Jember University just changed status from Work Unit of the State University (PTN) to BLU in 2020.

The TAM competition is an annual competition organized by the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) under the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu). The TAM competition tests the skills of par resource manager in each BLUE in the management and use of state assets.

The objective is to increase synergy in the management and enhancement of state assets. The TAM competition has two categories, namely the Master category for BLUs within ministries, institutions, provincial and district administrations. Secondly, the Master category for state-owned enterprises (BUMN).

“In the beginning we both had time NO I believe we will be able to enter the final stage, because this is the first time we participate in the TAM 2023 event. Alhamdulillah“Thanks to the support of the leadership and all friends, Jember University finally won second place,” Wawan, the nickname of M. Wahyu Eko Satriyo, said in a written statement received TIME, Tuesday 24 October 2023.

As a token of appreciation, Vice Chancellor II Unej Sri Hernawati provided money for both during the morning roll call for education staff at the Headquarters Work Unit on Monday, October 23, 2023 in the Rectorate Courtyard.

The TAM competition assigns each team the role of asset manager who must manage and use state-owned buildings. “Our first task is a case study on the management of the Indonesian Bawaslu building which is in the scenario where it will no longer be used because the capital has moved to the capital of the archipelago on the island of Kalimantan,” said Citra , Citra Nickname of Darma Wisa.

And both have proposed that the Indonesian Bawaslu building become a shopping center and public space. “Our proposal is to manage this building using technology virtual reality AND augmented reality with the system Green building in line with environmentally friendly trends. “What is difficult is income projection,” Citra said.

Apparently the steps of the Jember University team continued to the final stage which left three finalists, namely the team from Sanglah Hospital Denpasar and the team from the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency of West Java Provincial Government (BPKAD) . This time the case study presented is the management of the AA Maramis building belonging to the Ministry of Finance, which is expected to be converted into a museum.


Before entering the final phase, all participants received material from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of PUPR. For three days they were quarantined so they could focus on their assigned tasks.

According to Wahyu, this phase actually provided him with many new lessons and experiences in managing state assets. Meanwhile, the final phase will take place on October 17, 2023 in Jakarta.

“In the final stage, an additional special panel appeared, namely the Minister of Finance, Ms. Sri Mulyani and the Minister of PUPR, Mr. Basuki Hadimuljono. Wow, I was shaking when the minister asked me questions. “Ad example, Pak Bas asked how to overcome problems in building state facilities, fortunately we answered him correctly,” Wahyu said.

In the end, the Jember University team won second place. The first winner was won by the West Java Provincial Government’s BPKAD. Naturally, this achievement was welcomed by Vice Chancellor II Sri Hernawati as the Director of Finance and General Affairs of Jember University.

Sri Hernawati says this record shows that the quality of human resources managing resources at the Tegalboto campus is adequate. Another proof is Jember State Property and Auction Services Office’s (KPKNL) awarding of Jember University as the BLU with the second largest non-tax state revenue contribution (PNBP) in Tapal Kuda area in 2022.

“We hope that this result will be an encouragement to our educational staff in charge of managing state properties. “Secondly, of course, the qualified human resources will constitute a valuable capital for Jember University, which is currently seriously preparing to change the its status to become a State Legal Entity University or PTNBH,” Sri Hernawati said.

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