Sri Mulyani supports the creativity of teachers on YouTube and reminds us that he is not an enemy of taxes

TIME.CO, JakartaYoutube held a YouTube Impact Report 2023 event themed “Indonesian Creators Work: Watch Indonesia Grow” at Park Hyatt Jakarta on Thursday, October 26, 2023. YouTube monitors technological developments that continue to increase rapidly, not only driving social change but also having an economic impact.

At this event, the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani expressed his support for innovation and creativity. “I saw that more than 50 percent of people clicked on YouTube because they wanted to know,” she said Thursday.

According to Sri Mulyani, curiosity is said to be close to education. Regarding the education sector specifically, she admitted that she is happy to know that there are teachers who spread their knowledge on YouTube. For example, teaching mathematics in a simple, effective and understandable way.

Sri also spoke during a conversation with Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim about accelerating the quality of education. One of them involves a favorite teacher at school who manages to keep his students motivated.

“In the traditional, non-digital world, this preferred teacher benefits only one class,” Sri said.

With digitalization or YouTube the teacher can spread valuable skills and suggestions more widely. By a rough count, more than 100 million Indonesians can draw inspiration and lessons from this teacher.


On the other hand, Sri said that many elementary school children today, if asked about their aspirations, would choose to be one youtuber. A type of job that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Currently, YouTubers are able to earn money on their own. New job opportunities are also open for workers who support these creators.

As finance minister, Sri said one thing citizens often dislike is the collection of state revenue or taxes. “We support anything that can increase creativity, but we are not hostile to taxes,” he said.

Sri said that this tax is important for Indonesia. She also gave a message to the successful YouTubers. “For YouTubers who are successful, remember that they are role models for many people,” she said.

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