Specs for the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 sold for IDR 4 million: Okezone techno

SAMSUNG unveiled its latest smartwatch at the annual Galaxy Unpacked event. This time, the featured product is the Galaxy Watch 6 Series.

The Galaxy Watch 6 series itself consists of two models namely the standard and classic models. The standard model is available in 40mm and 44mm, while the classic model has slightly larger sizes, namely 43mm and 47mm.

Compared to the previous generation, the Galaxy Watch 6 series has increased screen brightness up to 2,000 nits. The available keyboard has also been enlarged by 13%, making it easier for users to use the device.

Especially for the classic models, this smartwatch has a rotating bezel. The presence of this feature is quite amazing because with this unique feature the users can easily control the navigation and incoming calls.

Both the standard and classic models run on One UI 5 software. As part of the One UI 5 update, users now have access to Sleep Insights, a portal dedicated solely to sleep scores.

The portal provides information on total sleep time, sleep cycles, awake times, snoring hours and blood oxygen levels. Each morning, users can access sleep messages to get detailed reports on the previous night’s sleep.

Sleep Coaching is also available, a feature first seen in the Watch Series 4. This feature provides the wearer with specific guidance on how to get the best sleep based on their sleeping habits and style.

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As for fitness, One UI 5 introduces an analysis tool called Personal Heart Zone. Similar to Apple’s heart rate feature, this tool categorizes a user’s workouts into one of five intensity zones.

Tracking of running and walking workouts has also been added as well as hiking and cycling. The latest Galaxy Watch also launches many functions to control the paired smartphone.

In Indonesia, Samsung has also opened pre-orders starting July 26 at 18:00 WIB until August 17, 2023. In terms of price, the standard 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 model costs IDR 3,999,000 while the 44mm size costs IDR 4,499,000. For the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, the classic 43mm model retails for IDR 5,499,000 and the 47mm size costs IDR 5,999,000.

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