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pt Sharp Electronics Indonesia has launched two new mobiles namely the Sharp Aquos R7S which is priced at IDR 15.9 million. The second mobile is the Sharp Aquos V7 Plus which is available in two RAM options namely 4 Giga at the price of IDR 2.499 million and 6 Giga at the price of IDR 2.999 million.

The two phones target different segments as they reflect the current condition of the mobile market. Currently, cell phone sales, according to IDC Corporate data, have declined.

Interestingly, this decline actually occurred on mobiles whose prices were below IDR 3 million. “On the other hand, premium mobiles have seen a significant increase,” said Sabar Jusuf, smartphone product strategy at Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

This shortcoming was then exploited by Sharp by presenting a premium flagship phone, the Sharp Aquos R7S. Sharp claims that the mobile has a variety of high quality premium features.

One of them is the quality of the camera which is capable of producing the best photos and videos. The technology and quality of the camera are one of the features most appreciated by Sharp Aquos R7S users. “This cell phone is the best-selling cell phone in Japan. We want to bring this cell phone to Indonesia,” said Shigeru Kobayashi, President of Sharp Corporation’s Mobile Communication Business Unit.

The proprietary camera of the Sharp Aquos R7S is known to feature a one-inch camera sensor. The camera sensor can provide the best image quality and very natural bokeh. The camera specifications are also very qualified namely 47 MP Octa PD AF (f/1.9).

The technical specifications are even more attractive because the screen of the mobile uses the Pro IGZO OLED measuring 6.6 with a resolution of 1,260 x 2,730 pixels. The screen quality makes the camera display very vivid and strong. The camera is also capable of supporting video recording with 8K image quality.

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The advantages of the rear camera are also compensated by the front camera. The Sharp Aquos R7S also has a 12.6 MP front camera. Slightly larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s front-facing camera, which is 12MP. Performance wise, the Sharp Aquos R7S is integrated with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. This process is claimed to have high computing performance so that it can improve graphics by 30 percent.

Moreover, the performance of the Sharp Aquos R7S is even more appealing because it is equipped with a giant RAM i.e. 12GB and 256GB of storage capacity. The storage capacity can be increased up to 1 Earth using the micro SD.

Sharp Aquos

Armed with this massive capability, Sharp should be confident fighting in the premium mobile segment that has been dominated by Apple and Samsung. It’s just that Sharp seems realistic because it is only targeting sales of the Sharp Aquos R7S at 400 units per year. Sharp’s own focus isn’t on sales volume. They actually have another mission by playing in the premium mobile niche.

“We want to enhance the brand image of Sharp mobile phones. Moving forward we will continue to offer the best Sharp mobile phones,” said Andry Andi Utomo, National Sales Senior General Manager of PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

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