SpaceX wins 1.1T US Space Force contract for Starshield military satellite

TIME.CO, JakartaSpaceX won his first contract with Space Force United States for satellite constellations Star shield new. The one-year contract worth $70 million, or approximately IDR 1.1 trillion, was confirmed by a Space Force spokesperson in a statement provided to CNBC. However, SpaceX did not comment further on the contract.

As for Starshield, SpaceX explained that the project will use the same type of broadband technology as the company’s Starlink satellite constellation. However, the differences will be directed toward government use, particularly by the U.S. military and related agencies.

SpaceX also has an official site for the project. “Starshield leverages SpaceX’s Starlink technology and launch capabilities to support national security efforts,” the site wrote.

The project will be used for Earth observation, communications and to host “the most demanding customer payload missions.” The third use is believed to mean it can be used for a variety of tools and mission types.

Additionally, Starshield will offer a higher level of cybersecurity than typical Starlink satellites, according to SpaceX’s Starshield page. The satellite is said to have additional cryptographic capabilities with high assurance to host classified payloads and process data securely, meeting the most demanding government requirements.

For your information, Starlink is SpaceX’s broadband communications satellite network, used primarily for high-speed Internet access in remote areas, at sea, or in places that do not have Internet infrastructure. However, Starlink was used extensively by the Ukrainian government and military during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


The US Air Force also tested Starlink for military purposes in early 2020. It conducted a “massive live fire” exercise which saw the satellite provide a communications link between military assets spread across the US to help shoot down a drone and a moving missile.

Air Force Acquisition Chief William Roper told reporters he was excited to learn more about the Starlink satellites through the demonstration.

The plan is that the Starshield satellites will be able to communicate with existing Starlink satellites via the existing laser communications system in SpaceX’s large broadband constellation. This could potentially increase Starshield’s range and capabilities as the company and the Pentagon develop new military-focused constellations.

Currently, according to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, SpaceX has launched more than 5,000 Starlink satellites and there are an estimated 4,000 still in operation. Additionally, SpaceX has also requested to launch nearly 30,000 additional satellites.

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