Sorry, China is superior to all countries in clean energy management: Okezone techno

CHINA become the number one country in the world that has successfully managed and invested in clean and environmentally friendly energy for several years. They have also managed to make the transition to an era of better, sustainable, secure and inclusive energy.

Quoted from Gizchinaon Tuesday (5/9/2023), large companies in the United States are still far behind China in producing energy from solar, wind, nuclear and other renewable energy.

Bloomberg data shows China dominates the clean energy market. Last year they ranked first with revenues of US$707 billion.

The Bamboo Curtain country has an overwhelming lead over the United States in second place, with an income of 398 billion in 2022. So how can China get it all?

In the same source it is stated that China has invested heavily in environmentally friendly energy, which will cost $546 billion in investments in 2022. This financing is used for solar and wind energy, electric cars and batteries.

This financing is almost four times the amount of US financing, which amounted to US$141 billion. China also dominates low-carbon manufacturing. And it accounted for more than 90% of the $79 billion invested in the sector last year.

The key to China’s success

There are several factors contributing to China’s success in the clean energy market. One of the main factors is the government’s commitment to clean energy.

The Chinese government has prioritized measures, laws and policies to reduce the use of coal and develop renewable energy, particularly solar and wind energy.

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The Chinese government has also spent a lot of money to improve the electricity grid, spending as much as $45 billion in one year. State banks provide substantial financing for green energy projects and this is very helpful.

China’s success in environmentally friendly energy management is a positive direction for the world to follow. The transition to the new energy sector will not only benefit the Earth, but will also bring enormous economic benefits.

According to Michael Daly, analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, this also creates new economic opportunities in terms of economic transition.

“Transforming corporate business models into more environmentally friendly enterprises is not just about the noble goal of protecting the planet. It also represents a huge economic opportunity for companies helping to drive the energy transition.” Daly explained.

In addition to economic problems, clean energy is also very useful for reducing air pollution and various health problems.

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