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JAKARTA – For gamers, you can now easily reload your games using the service. DANA is a financial technology company providing digital payment services in Indonesia.

DANA works as a digital wallet that allows users to make payment transactions electronically through a mobile application. That’s why you can also use this digital wallet platform to top up your game balance.

Also, the choice of games available on DANA id Games a lot too, including a selection of popular games like Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and many more. The way to use it is very simple and there are various attractive promotions and coupons available.

That is why more and more Indonesian players are switching to using this platform to top up their balances. Apart from the simple way to use them, the various benefits they offer are also a major point of consideration.

Information about DANA id Games at a glance

As explained above, is a special payment platform for in-game items. This platform can be accessed through the website, specifically at, where the option to reload items and the option to purchase digital game vouchers are already available.

To use it, you must first have an account. In addition to purchasing items and coupons, users can also access their transaction history and pocket menus.

5 ways to use id Games DANA

How to use this platform is actually very simple, more or less the same as the platforms for purchasing other game items in general. But as a guide, you can listen to the full usage tutorial below:

1. Visit the web URL

First of all, open your browser or web browser, then type the website URL “” in the address bar. Then, press the “Enter” key to access the website and wait for a while for the page to load properly.

2. Select Favorite game

The next step, select your favorite game you want to reload the item through the “Games” menu. You can also quickly browse the full list of available games using the search function.

3. Log in with User ID

“UserID” is a unique identifier used to link purchases with your game account. Therefore, new users must register or register first to get a “UserID”.

After registration, it is possible to log in by entering the telephone number associated with the DANA account and the UserID DANA id Games. Then, click “Login” until you successfully log in to the main page.

4. Explore game items

After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see a list of in-game items available for purchase. To do this, click on the name of the game and then look at the options available in the purchase options, such as diamonds, crystals and so on.

For example, suppose you want to buy Free Fire Diamonds through DANA from ID Games. Next, look for the Free Fire (FF) game option, then click the icon, then select the number of diamonds you will reload, starting from 5 diamonds (Rp. 1000) to 73100 diamonds (Rp. 10 million).

Apart from these items, you can also buy digital game vouchers such as Google Play voucher codes, UniPin, Codacash, PlayStation Network, Steam, Nintendo eShop cards, and so on. Non-gaming coupons like Spotify, VIU, and many more are also available.

5. Make the payment

After selecting the desired item, click on the “Next” or “Next” button, then enter your mobile phone number and your DANA account PIN. Confirm the payment according to the instructions on the screen, then the balance will be used for purchases automatically.

After that, the system will process your payment and then verify it. Wait a few moments until the verification process is completed and receive a notification as confirmation. j

If you have received confirmation, it means the item is ready to use.

10 Benefits of Purchasing Game Items through ID Games DANA

There are many benefits that can be obtained by purchasing in-game items through this platform. In addition to convenience, the security of transactions will also be guaranteed.

For your reference, here are the various benefits of transacting on this platform:

1. It’s easy to use

One of the benefits of purchasing game items from is ease of use. Through this platform, users can easily select their favorite games and browse the various game items available.

2. Intuitive interface provides an intuitive and easy to use interface, making the purchase process very simple. Users can also take advantage of the search and filter features to quickly find in-game items.

In addition, there is already a pocket feature that helps you see the amount of balance remaining in your digital wallet pocket. There is also a transaction history view with a simple interface to view history details of previous purchases.

3. Detailed information

Furthermore, this platform also provides detailed descriptions and information regarding each game and its elements. The price information listed is also very clear, so you can avoid purchasing mistakes and bring you a pleasant shopping experience.

In addition, the prices of the game items listed by are also very affordable, so they are worth buying. For example, for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, you can buy as little as 5 diamonds for only IDR 1,500.

4. Integrated with DANA Balance

Another benefit offered by DANA id Games is the integration with DANA scales. As the leading digital payment service in Indonesia, DANA provides a digital wallet that allows you to store balances and carry out various transactions.

So, you don’t need to transfer FUNDS or enter your payment details separately. This means that your DANA balance will automatically be used for transactions and the purchase of various game items at

5. Transaction Security

As part of the DANA digital portfolio, the DANA id Games platform takes data security and user privacy very seriously. The payment process is done using DANA using strong encryption technology.

Therefore, your personal information and payment details are guaranteed to be well protected. Additionally, users will also be asked to enter their mobile phone number and account PIN as added security to authenticate transactions.

6. Cooperation with Financial Institutions

As it is part of, this platform has also been licensed by Indonesian financial institutions. In this case, it is under the supervision of Bank Indonesia (BI), so there is no need to doubt its legality.

7. There are many game items available

One of the other major advantages of this platform is that the game choices are huge, so you can find a variety of popular games here.

To illustrate, here are some examples of the popular games available:

• Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

• Free fire

Genshin ImpactValorant

• League of Legends

• Mobile Call of Duty

• PUBG Mobile

FIFA Mobile


• Mobile Ragnarok

• Life after

• Saint Seiya


• Game of the sultans

• Higgs dominoes

• And more

8. Digital vouchers are available

Besides that, DANA id Games also offers a wide selection of digital vouchers that can be used in various applications. There are digital coupons for gaming and non-gaming applications, such as the following example:

• Kode Google Play vouchers

• UniPin vouchers

• Codashop vouchers

• Steam USD wallet

• Steam Game CD Codes

• PlayStation Network

• PlayStation Store

• Xbox Live (US)

• Nintendo eShop tab

• Twitch Gift Cards

• iTunes

• Tinder




• Saw

• Amazon Gift Certificate

• And more

9. Various attractive promotions are available

In addition, Id Games DANA users can also get various attractive promotions with rich prizes. There are rewards in the form of DANA balances, there are also rewards in the form of vouchers for reloading your favorite game items at cheaper prices.

One of them is through the DANA A+ Rewards event in 2023 which offers attractive rewards. Among them are game vouchers for category A+ for the latest iPhone 14 Pro as a reward.

10. Easier access

As it is available through the website, this platform has high accessibility, you can access it anytime and anywhere through any device. Thus, users don’t have to worry about downloading applications or paying directly to offline stores.

The various advantages or benefits above may be reasons or considerations for using this platform. Furthermore, DANA is known as one of the leading digital wallets with many users in Indonesia.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security of the transactions or the ease of payment because the two platforms are already integrated.

Then, you can conveniently transact through DANA id Games to purchase your favorite in-game items.

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