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JAKARTA – Have you ever received a notification that the cell phone you are using is too hot or overheat? This problem often occurs when you’re outdoors, until a notification says, “Your device needs to cool down before you can use it.”

It’s not just a question of time, it’s a problem overheat It can also happen when you run a streaming application or when you charge the battery while playing games.

In addition to these habits, there are also other problems that can cause your cell phone to overheat quickly, from damage to the battery or charger, to apps that don’t work, to a too tight cell phone casing that prevents proper air circulation. .

This problem will obviously interfere with your activities because in hot weather the mobile needs to be rested and cannot be used for a while.

So how to prevent this from happening overheat on the phone? Here is the review.

1. Avoid exposing your cell phone to direct sunlight.

2. Don’t leave your cell phone in a hot environment such as a kitchen, sauna, near a fire, or in a turned off car.

3. Do not use your cell phone while charging, especially while playing games or streaming

4. Always update to the latest software available to avoid bugs that cause your phone to overheat.

5. Avoid charging via power bank, because third-party chargers, even if they look fine, can cause your phone to overheat. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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