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JAKARTA – launches the feature Video broadcast scene (VRS) to bridge the accessibility of deaf friends and hearing friends. This was conveyed directly in a seminar titled “Know Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO) as Accessible to the Deaf” to commemorate the 4th anniversary of on September 30, 2023.

Three speakers were directly introduced at the event: National Commission on Disabilities (KND) Vice President Deka Kurniawan, CEO Ahmad Yusuf and Co-Founder Bagja Prawira.

Several Sign Language Interpreters (JBIs) from were also present to translate the speakers word for word to deaf friends who were also present at the workshop session.

Deka Kurniawan said that her presence at the workshop session is a form of KND’s responsibility towards colleagues with disabilities. KND also fully appreciates Silang,id for taking part in encouraging respect for the rights of disabled people, especially deaf people. According to him, people with disabilities should no longer be seen as objects, but rather as involved and involved subjects.

“The paradigm that is developing is that people with disabilities are subjects, no longer objects, meaning they need to be involved and included,” Deka said.

This was then responded to by Ahmad Yusuf as CEO of According to him, to achieve this paradigm, inclusion among people with disabilities and the broader community is necessary. In terms of inclusiveness for deaf and hearing friends, is committed to ensuring that sign language can be applied across all walks of life in Indonesian society.

To encourage this, VRS functionality is present on Although not explained in detail, this feature can directly translate sign language demonstrated by deaf friends via video.

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Deaf friends just need to activate the VRS feature which has a camera record the sign language you want to convey to your hearing friends. Therefore, hearing friends only need to listen to the results of sign language translation demonstrated by deaf friends by the VRS function.

At the end of the session, the hearing friends were also introduced to Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO). Starting with letters, greetings and other vocabulary are taught during the session.

Through the launch of the VRS feature, is trying to convey its commitment to the spread of sign language as a way to create inclusive accessibility between deaf and hearing friends.

However, achieving this also requires mutual awareness of the importance of communication between deaf and hearing friends. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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