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THE INCREASE Illegal IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) makes a number of cell phone users in Indonesia uncomfortable. Besides being bad for the country, this will also make devices with illegal IMEIs unusable.

As known, the illegal IMEI cases have resurfaced after Bareskrim Polri revealed the involvement of Public Officials (PNS) at the Ministry of Industry. A total of 191,965 devices were affected, of which 176,000 were iPhone brands.

It must be admitted that many buyers are attracted by low prices. But quite a few devices with official purchases also experience the same thing.

So what are the characteristics of a blocked mobile phone IMEI? And how to fix it?

1. Limited network access

According to the regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Permenkominfo) number 1 of 2020 on the control of telecommunication tools and/or equipment connected to cellular mobile networks by IMEI identification, devices with illegal IMEI will have limited access to the network.

2. No service

After having difficulty accessing the network, a mobile whose IMEI is blocked will receive a No Service statement in the signal bar even if the SIM card has been installed in the mobile. To be safe, users can move the SIM card to another device. If the signal appears on other devices, you can be sure that the mobile has been blocked.

3. Check the government website

To ensure that the registered IMEI can also be done by accessing the government site, namely the site of the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) with the page and the official site of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise ( Bea Cukai) at

After that, enter the IMEI number on your cellphone or cellphone booth. If it is not registered, the IMEI is most likely illegal.

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Overcome the IMEI block

There are two ways to manage a blocked IMEI. First, if the mobile still has a warranty from an authorized distributor, the user can immediately claim the problem.

So what if the mobile used is a used device or was purchased without going through an official distributor? Therefore, users can officially register their IMEI on the customs page.

  1. Visit the Customs page at;
  2. Fill in the IMEI registration form of the mobile phone;
  3. Complete all the requested data and documents;
  4. Click on “submit” if all data is complete and correct;
  5. Subscribers will then receive a QR code and registration number;
  6. Next, please go to your local customs office to apply for approval;
  7. If the application is approved, the registrant has to pay the fees in accordance with the applicable law and then the mobile phone with IMEI registration can be used again.

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