Serang police chief rewards outstanding staff

Serang (MidLand) – On Monday (20/11) the Serang police rewarded the staff of Jatanras Satreskrim who distinguished themselves as they were considered quick in responding and discovering cases of theft on the Tangerang-Merak KM 60 toll road.

Serang AKBP Police Chief Wiwin Setiawan, in Serang, Banten, on Monday, said this award deserved to be given to personnel who excel.

“Because according to the Quick Wins precision program they were able to react quickly and reveal very quickly in case of theft of iron traffic signs on the Tangerang-Merak toll road,” he said.

Apart from this, while reporting criminal cases, the police chief also presented an award to Brigadier Ahmad Sali Rawana, a staff member of Bhabinkamtibmas who won an award from the national police chief for creating positive content.

“Brigadier Ahmad Sali Rawana won first favorite in the gero category imaging competition in the TW III Rapid Precision Program 2023,” he explained.

It also hopes that more staff can contribute positive and creative content in order to improve the good image of the National Police.

Ahmad Sali also said that giving this award could foster a sense of pride and work motivation for other members because giving this award is a form of appreciation from the leadership.

“This award will have an impact on members’ career development which can support additional rating points for the Performance Appraisal Information System or SIPK,” he added.

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Reporter: Desi Purnama Sari
Publisher: Atman Ahdiat
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