Seniors avoid drinking coffee and ice on an empty stomach while traveling

Jakarta (MidLand) – Nutritionist graduated from the University of Indonesia, Dr. Dr. Luciana B. Sutanto. SM. SpGK. (K) said that elderly people traveling long distances such as Hajj should avoid consuming coffee or cold drinks on an empty stomach to avoid stomach ulcers.

“Don’t drink coffee or ice on an empty stomach because it’s hot there, you could get an ulcer there, eat chili peppers by force, if you get sick there it will be a nuisance,” Luciana said in a telephone interview. in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Luciana also reminded us to avoid consuming very sugary drinks or mineral water that contains salt. Both drinks can cause excessive thirst which can lead to dehydration.

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He recommends always carrying a glass or water bottle with you when you travel, so you don’t have problems finding drinking water and always stay hydrated.

“If you can, bring a glass with you everywhere because there are places where it is difficult to find water and therefore you can’t drink it, sometimes if you want to buy mineral or bottled water there isn’t always someone who sells it”, says Luciana.

To preserve the health of the elderly, he also reminded them not to forget to carry with them the medicines they take regularly and to always monitor their health by carrying health monitoring tools such as a blood pressure monitor or blood pressure monitor. glycemia.

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During the trip it is necessary to carry out health checks even if the elderly feel well. In addition to this, it is also important to get vaccinated before a long trip to protect yourself from infectious diseases that may be present at the destination.

To stay comfortable while carrying out your activities during the Hajj, also try to get enough sleep. If necessary, if you have difficulty sleeping, consult a doctor to take the necessary medications with you.

“You need to get enough sleep, don’t force yourself if you feel tired, don’t feel embarrassed, keep pushing, if there are tools you can carry, such as a blood pressure monitor, a pulse measuring instrument, a blood monitor sugar, you can bring them,” he advised.

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