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BALBOA- Scientists have succeeded in discovering a new ecosystem of life in the deep sea. The ecosystem is found in hydrothermal cave cavities at depths of more than 8,200 feet.

The research was conducted over 30 days in the East Pacific Rise, Central America, with a vessel operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Scientists from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia and Costa Rica participated in the research.

Using underwater robots, they managed to dismantle chunks of volcanic crust. Inside the caves they find a cave system infested with worms, slugs, and chemosynthetic bacteria that live in 75 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius) water.

‘This discovery adds a new dimension to hydrothermal vents by demonstrating that their habitat can exist above and below the ocean floor.’ said the executive director of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, Jyotika Virmani, quoted by MashableThursday (8/10/2023).

Interestingly, scientists have spent the last 46 years studying hydrothermal vents and the microbial life beneath their surface. But never look for animals under these volcanic hot springs.

To find the animal, the research team conducted an experiment by sticking a mesh box over cracks in the earth’s crust. After a few days, underwater robots moved the box along with the crust.

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As a result, they found animals living in hydrothermal cave cavities.

‘Scientists are seeing creatures like tube worms ‘travel’ under the seabed through wastewater to colonize new habitats.’ Virmani explained.


“The discovery of new creatures, landscapes and now completely new ecosystems has underlined what we have not yet discovered about our oceans,” said Wendy Schmidt, founder of the Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Later, the scientists will further study the animals found in the hydrothermal cavity. The findings will be published on the Schmidt Ocean Institute website in the coming months.

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