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JAKARTA – A group of US scientists managed to find giant tracks belonging to dinosaurs in Alaska. The discovery has been called The Colosseum and has a size of about 7,500 square meters or slightly larger than a football field.

Quoted from Scientific noticeFriday (8/18/2023), actual tracks have actually been found since 2010. However, it was only recently that they were discovered to be tracks from a dinosaur thought to have lived around 70 million years ago.

The path is particularly interesting because it has an incredible depth, being as tall as a 20-storey building and has paths distributed over the various irons.

“It’s not just a rock level with traces on it. It’s a timeline,” said paleontologist Dustin Stewart, who led the study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The researchers said the tracks were a combination of footprints made in soft mud that was then hardened and covered over, and footprints that were preserved as they were then filled in with sediment.

University of Alaska Fairbanks paleontologist Pattrick Druckenmiller said the tracks were left by a beautiful dinosaur, which can be seen by the shape of its toes and the texture of its skin. But he wasn’t sure what species it was.

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Of note, tracks found in the Alaskan mountains aren’t the only evidence of dinosaur remains. Fossilized plants, pollen grains and traces of mussels and freshwater invertebrates have also been found in the area.

Dating back to the late Cretaceous period, this area must have been full of life, with ponds and lakes nearby. The climate will be warmer, more Pacific Northwest than Alaska, with both coniferous and hardwood forests.

“It was wooded and full of dinosaurs. There were tyrannosaurs running around Denali that were many times the size of the largest brown bear there is today. There were birds of prey. There were flying reptiles. There were birds. It was an amazing ecosystem,” he explained. Druckenmiller said.

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