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OUT space has many objects with strange shapes. Some have rings like Saturn. There’s also one that looks like an irregular square like planet called WASP-103b.

But recently there is a planet whose shape can be called the strangest. The planet, called WASP-193b, looks like cotton candy.

Yes, cotton candy that tastes sweet and is pink in color that is usually sold in elementary schools in Indonesia. Quoted by Science Alert, WASP-193b’s location is 1,232 light-years from Earth.

Seen from the outside, the planet looks round like other planets. But the sphere is a roll of thin layers. So the WASP-193b feels really, really light and fluffy. Similar to cotton candy that is very light and soft when held.

Khalid Barkaoui, an astronomer at the University of Leige in Belgium, said the existence of a unique planet like WASP-193b has a function. The planet is not popular compared to other planets.

It’s just that the uniqueness of the planet can help people better understand the evolution of the planet. “Observations of WASP-193b with the James Webb Space Telescope will be able to reveal more about the properties of planetary atmospheres and masses,” wrote Khlaid Barkoui in a report titled “WASP-193b: An Extremely Low-density Super- Neptune”.

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According to Science Alert, cotton candy-like planetary phenomena, such as WASP-193b, are very rare. So it’s too early to know why WASP-193b is shaped so differently from the rest of the planets.

Science Alert suspects that the condition of WASP-193b, which comes in the form of cotton candy, occurs due to the relationship between the atmosphere, planet age, heat and wind conditions. A star’s heat and wind can strip away its thin atmosphere fairly quickly.

Especially if the atmosphere is dominated by hydrogen and helium. “Furthermore, there are several internal heat mechanisms that inflate WASP-193b’s atmosphere,” Science Alert said.

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