Sarimukti landfill fire has not been put out: street cleaners can’t work, waiting for help

TEMPO.CO, BandungFire that occurs in landfill or TPA Sarimukti, Bandung on August 19, 2023 is not finished yet. It’s not just a fire issue, but a problem for the surrounding residents.

The residents living there are not only natives of Sarimukti, but there is also Ciherang village which contains immigrants. “Please, we are still Indonesian citizens, not Chinese, not outsiders who need to be helped,” said Nandang alias Beceng, 54, the village administrator.

Indonesian Zero Waste Alliance (AZWI) invites you to see the current situation of Sarimukti TPA and affected residents on Friday, September 15, 2023.

You can see semi-permanent houses on the side of the road surrounded by a lot of garbage. However, the conditions in Ciherang village are relatively clean and there is not much garbage smell. The tall trees surrounding it make the air fresh, so people may not think that this place is a village of migrant scavengers.

Residents do not appear to carry out some waste-related activities. They sat in the common room in the form of an open stage protected by a roof.

Nandang said there were 75 families totaling 373 people living in Ciherang village who had lost their livelihoods as scavengers due to the Sarimukti TPA fire. “I wanted to work on the catwalk, I was chased by the authorities,” she said.

The foundation in question is the TPA. According to Nandang, a Satpol official informed him of the possibility of an explosion.

“My father is also aware of it. It is also called gas-containing garbage, of course. The one above is extinguished, the one below is still there,” Nandang said.

However, not working means having no income. It is these stomach problems that make residents try to rummage in secret.

On behalf of the affected residents, Nandang called for the well-being of Ciherang residents to be taken into account. He spoke of his efforts to find help for residents.


Initially, according to Nandang, aid was still arriving two or three times a day. “It’s been over 2 weeks without any help,” he told her.

If there is help, they only reach the village and do not touch the village. This prompted him to seek help in other subdistricts.

Nandang said what was distressing was that there were photos of Kampung Ciherang residents that had been displayed and kept at the post. “But there’s no help here,” she said.

Residents living in Kampung Ciherang are said to be from Bogor, Garut, Sukabumi and Banten. Even though they are immigrants, they have been searching there for years.

Nandang acknowledged that there were proposals to return to his home area. The question, however, is the work that will be subsequently carried out in his hometown. Residents migrate precisely because they have no work.

To date, the fire is still being put out. One of the difficulties in putting out fires at the Sarimukti TPA is the high level of accumulated waste. The waste pile at the Sarimukti TPA is estimated to be around 50-70 metres, with the external burnt area reaching 16.5 hectares.

The provincial government of West Java decided to extend the emergency response status of the Sarimukti TPA and at the same time took over the determination of the emergency response status by the provincial government. TPA Sarimukti’s emergency response status has been extended by the provincial government until September 24, 2023.

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