Samsung Galaxy S24 leak reveals there are four main color options: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – This is a leak about the color choices of the series Samsung Galaxy S24. Samsung’s latest handset series, which will be released in early January, is expected to be available in four main colors.

Reported by the site GSMArena, Thursday (10/19/2023) Samsung itself always makes changes to the color palette choices of its Galaxy S series. This series, which is said to be released next year, will likely consist of four main color choices, namely black , gray, purple and yellow.

Black and gray are expected to become the standard colors usually marketed as “ghost black” and “graphite.” In particular, the other two colors, namely purple and yellow, would be new colors that have slight differences compared to the color palette previously implemented by Samsung.

Last time, the purple or violet color itself was applied quite clearly to the Galaxy S21 series. While the Galaxy S23 series also offers lavender and lime color options, both colors are quite pale, so they can’t be called purple or yellow.

The newest and cheapest version, namely the Galaxy S23 FE series, released in Indonesia on October 10, also has a purple color option, but it still may not be correct. Going back, the yellow color was last applied by Samsung to the Galaxy S10e series in 2019.

Aside from that, there is still a possibility that the four main colors will be combined again with many other colors.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S24, which is expected to have a new titanium chassis, may also require some changes to the color of the back panel, resulting in other differences compared to what Samsung implemented in the previous series. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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