Rows of new postgraduate students at Unair, from artists to politicians

TIME.CO, Jakarta – University of Airlangga or unair held the inauguration of the new level of students postgraduate Friday 18th August 2023. This event took place at Garuda Mukti Hall, MERR C Unair Campus and online via Zoom.

Unair Chancellor Mohammad Nasih directly led the inauguration process student which includes artists and politicians in masters, doctoral, specialist and professional programs in the 2023/2024 school year.

Of the 1,623 new students inaugurated today, there were some names that sounded familiar. One of them is Ashanty Hastuti, a singer and artist who is now officially a new PhD student in the field of human resource development.

Accepted as a new student, Ashanty said she was happy and proud. Furthermore, this is the first time that she has returned to academic activities after completing her studies at the masters level for so long.

Ashanty hopes to complete her doctoral studies in a short time even in the midst of her busy entertaining activities. “I hope I can graduate quickly. Please help me make it happen, because to be honest, this is also my first time studying again after my masters yesterday,” she said as quoted by the Unair website.

In addition to Ashanty, Unair confirmed East Java Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) head Torino Junaedi. The figure who chairs the employers’ organization is now officially a PhD candidate in Law and Development.


By returning to being a student, Torino hopes to gain more knowledge and insights to implement, especially in the organization he now leads. “Obviously we are very happy to be able to join Unair. The hope is that we can add insights and gain more knowledge in this conference so that we can implement it for the rest of our lives,” he said.

Today, some other well-known personalities were also confirmed by the Chancellor. One of them is La Nyalla Mattalitti, a politician who is currently the chairman of the Council of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI).

The new students who were inaugurated also came from other important personalities from government and private institutions. They include Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, Director General of Waste Management, Waste and B3 at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK); Muhammad Nabil, Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee of East Java (KONI); and Tribuana Tungga Dewi, Compliance and HR Director of Bank Syariah Indonesia.

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