Rows of campuses that rejected Rocky Gerung, finally 2 universities in Lampung

TIME.CO, JakartaRocky Gerung they often receive rejection when invited to campuses. There were various reasons given by the campus. Finally, two campuses in Lampung also rejected his presence as a speaker and the debate held by the BEM campus.

Which campuses and what are the reasons why they reject the presence of Rocky Gerung?

1. Lampung University (UNILA)

Rocky Gerung’s latest rejection occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, September 14, 2023 at Lampung University or Unila campus. It was not possible to hold the public debate on campus with the participation of political observers. The reason is that the rectorate of Unila has banned it. Discussions held WELL FEB Unila then moved to GSG Pahoman, Bandar Lampung.

In his discussion, Rocky Gerung stated that the campus environment was indeed a place of battles and clashes of thoughts. Rocky also mentioned the failure of discussions on the Unila campus. According to him, the ideal university environment is a place for discussion and exchange of ideas. Not silencing of the mind.

“So thoughts (on campus) need to be released, which in this case is what is called academic freedom,” Rocky Gerung said.

2. Sumatra Institute of Technology

After Unila, the campus of Sumatra Institute of Technology or Itera in South Lampung Regency, Lampung recently refused the presence of Rocky Gerung to participate in the discussion. BEM Itera president Erza Refendra said the alibi for the refusal was because Rocky was involved in a case of allegedly insulting President Joko Widodo.

“It has been banned for two days, even though we have been preparing this event for a month already,” Reza said on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The campus argued, Reza said, that as a state campus, Itera still needed cooperation with the government. There are fears that the discussion will further make the situation less favourable. Reza said the campus even issued a circular regarding the neutralization of the campus towards politics in 2024. This is because Itera is a technology campus.

“As students we want to prioritize freedom, we want to learn critically. “So we really regret this ban,” she said.

3. Darul Ulum University

Early last August, Rocky Gerung’s presence as a speaker at a seminar at Darul Ulum or Undar University Campus, Jombang, was also the subject of protests. A number of people calling themselves the Fighters of the United Indonesian Archipelago, or PNIB, demonstrated to reject Rocky’s arrival. The demonstration was to protect the muruah of Jombang, one of the cities where the Republic of Indonesia was born. Hence, this action also serves to preserve the dignity of the nation.

“Today Rocky Gerung, the destroyer of the nation’s spirit, the destroyer of the nation’s dignity, came to Jombang, tarnishing Jombang that gave birth to this Republic,” PNIB’s Abdul Rozak told reporters on site on Tuesday, August 1 Korlap Aski. 2023.

4. Airlangga University


On the same day, Rocky Gerung was supposed to participate in a seminar entitled ‘Indonesian Youth Action: Spearheading Change in the Nation and the World at Airlangga University, Tuesday 1 August 2023, at 2.00 pm WIB.

The agenda for the discussion is scheduled at Fadjar Notonegoro KRT Hall, Faculty of Business and Economics (FEB), University of Airlangga o Unair.

The moderator of the event and president of BEM Fisip Unair, Aulia Thaariq Akbar, said that the plan was for the event to take place in the main hall of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Unair. “He who organizes BEM Unair,” Thaariq said on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

Initially the venue of the seminar was not exactly FK Unair. Previously the committee wanted to use the Faculty of Business Administration or the FEB Unair building. However, the event location was moved to FK Unair the day before the event. The morning before the event, Thaariq came to prepare as a moderator. However, that afternoon, the dean of FK Unair suddenly became angry. He asked for the event to be cancelled.

“In the morning I came first for a briefing. Around 13.00 WIB the commission was informed that the principal of FK was angry and did not agree with the holding of this event. “It turned out that it really couldn’t be done, so it was eventually cancelled,” he said.

Rocky Gerung, Thaariq said, had arrived at the scene of the event. The academic even hosted the students for a group photo. According to Thaariq, even though the briefing had nothing to do with politics. At the time the committee made sure the business was safe without discussing political issues.

“Rocky Gerung was already at the venue, at the end many people asked for photos in front of the hall, but they hadn’t entered the hall yet,” he said.

5. University of Mataram

One year ago, on September 16, 2022, Rocky Gerung arrived Mataram University or Unram is also rejected. Rocky is expected to attend a seminar held by the National Ideology Guard Student Activity Unit or UKM PIB Unram. Chairman of the National Committee for UKM PIB Unram Seminar Events, Naufal Dzulkifli, said he was disappointed with Unram’s attitude.

“Initially, when I asked for the arrangement to borrow a place and permission, the event was rejected because Mr. Rocky Gerung was present by WR III Unram’s subordinates,” Naufal said.

Naufal said WR III Unram apparently did not give permission to hold the national seminar that was supposed to take place at the Unram public building. There were two reasons why Unram rejected Rocky Gerung’s arrival. Naufal found this reason unreasonable. First, the reason for the time is because Unram’s schedule is too intense. The second reason is problematic.

“I think it’s because of the speaker. “The reason is that Mr. Rocky Gerung often makes conflicting statements on social media,” Naufal said.

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