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JAKARTA – Tesla has finally discovered that the perpetrator of the data leak of its company was the work of an insider. The case occurred last May and affected more than 75,000 people.

gizmodeon Tuesday (8/22/2023), reported that an investigation it conducted revealed that two former Tesla employees had misused information that violated Tesla’s cybersecurity and data protection policies.

Steven Elentukh, head of data privacy at Tesla, said the company filed two lawsuits preventing anyone from sharing the information.

Additionally, Steven added, Tesla has confiscated the electronic devices of former employees believed to have been used in the data breach and may still retain the information.

“We also obtained a court order prohibiting former employees from using, accessing or distributing further data, which could be subject to criminal penalties,” Steven said.

“Tesla is working closely with law enforcement and external forensic experts and will continue to take appropriate action as necessary,” he continued.

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Please note that the data breach includes Social Security numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses of current and former employees. It was reported that the confidential information amounted to about 100 gigabytes of data.

Tesla said it has not detected any misuse of the leaked data, but has cooperated with law enforcement and external forensic experts and will continue to take appropriate action as needed.

The company recommends that anyone who suspects their information is involved in the information leak take steps to protect their Social Security information by reporting and filing a security freeze with the Credit Bureau.

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