Restyle and Background: AI-powered image editing features coming to Instagram

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Artificial intelligence in brief TO THE that is, artificial intelligence is a technology that is currently developing in various sectors. This is no exception to social media. It was recently reported that Instagram is releasing new AI-based features to please its users.

Edit Instagram stickers and images with AI

Reporting from dedicate onself, Meta is starting to deliver on its promise to bring generative AI to all of its products. They revealed new AI image editing and sticker creation features for Instagram.

This tool, called “restyle,” is a bit like an enhanced generative AI filter. This tool allows users to combine existing photos into different views. “Imagine typing a descriptor like ‘watercolor’ or a more detailed command like ‘magazine and newspaper collage, torn edges’ to describe the new look of the image you want to create,” the company explains.

The company also previewed a new tool called “backdrop,” an AI-powered generative green screen feature. Users can type commands that will create a new version of the image with the relevant background. The company didn’t say when the redesign and wallpapers will be available to Instagram users, but said the feature is coming “soon.”


He added that posts created using backgrounds and redesigns will come with a label indicating “the use of artificial intelligence to reduce the possibility of people confusing it with human-generated content.” Meta didn’t share what the labels would look like, but an information screen reading “images generated by Meta AI” was previously seen on Instagram.

Meta also showed off new AI-generated stickers, which will be available on Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Stories. This feature allows users to quickly create custom stickers for their chats and stories via text instructions. These stickers will be distributed to select English-speaking users of the company’s app over the next month.

These features come after Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly promised such features TO THE The generative will be present in every Meta application. The company also announced more than 25 generative AI chatbots, including several personalities based on celebrities and real-life creators.

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