Researchers need more than IDR 22 billion in funding to unravel the mystery of alien fragments in Papua New Guinea: Okezone techno

MASSACHUSETTS – Harvard researcher and astrophysicist Avi Loeb talked about the excitement it generated some time ago. In his confession to Daily emailon Saturday (9/02/2023), Loeb revealed many things about the alien fragments he and his team found deep under the sea in Papua New Guinea.

Loeb said research into these fragments is currently still ongoing. But foreign object research won’t be easy and will cost money. The reason is that these objects are not normal objects usually found on Earth.

According to him, currently, returning alien fragments to their original state costs 1.5 million dollars, or about 22.5 billion rupees. The funds will only be used to restore the alien fragments.

“We estimate that further research will cost many times more,” he said.

He understands that his discoveries and claims about alien fragments have currently thrilled many scientists. He understands that this condition occurs because his findings have not received further scientific testing from his colleagues.

“I really look forward to the trial with open arms,” he explained.

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Now, according to him, what needs to be done is more in-depth research on these fragments. So far, only 57 of the 700 sphere-shaped fragments have been analyzed.

“If it turns out that these objects were actually made by aliens, then these discoveries will help us address the challenges we face on Earth. These discoveries will have unlimited potential,” he said.

As a reminder, in August 2023, Loeb believed he had found pieces of alien technology from meteorite fragments in Papua New Guinea.

Quoted from CBC News, according to him, the sky off Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, was shot through by a space rock on January 8, 2014. The rock burned with an energy equivalent to 100 tons of TNT before that the debris fell into the atmosphere. the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

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