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JAKARTA – Indonesia is the country that uses it most often artificial intelligence (AI) from four ASEAN countries. This fact was released from a consumer research conducted by LinkedIn recently reported by Mashable, Tuesday (9/19/2023).

The research involved 6,624 respondents from four ASEAN countries, namely Singapore (2,009), Malaysia (1,513), Philippines (1,527) and Indonesia (1,575).

As a result, most ASEAN experts believe that AI will significantly change the way they work, and Indonesia ranks first with a total use of AI in the world of work of 78 %.

In the Southeast Asian markets analyzed by LinkedIn, more than one in two professionals already use AI in the workplace, with Indonesia in first place at 72%. LinkedIn found that Indonesians are the most active in using artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Southeast Asian professionals revealed that their companies have introduced guidelines or training to implement AI in their daily work, and once again, Indonesia ranked first with 72%.

On the other hand, professionals in ASEAN countries also fear that they will not be able to keep up with AI developments in their workplaces. In this case, Indonesia is even in fourth place with 30%, while Singapore is in first place with 48%.

Professional workers in Indonesia scored the highest (55%) when it comes to learning new skills because AI is believed to be able to save them time at work. The second position is occupied by the Philippines (51%), followed by Malaysia (50%) and Singapore (44%).

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Furthermore, it is known that as many as 56% of Indonesians focus on creative and strategic jobs thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Malaysia (48%), Philippines (42%) and Singapore (40%).

Interestingly, Indonesians and Filipinos believe that AI will create a level playing field for everyone, regardless of their educational qualifications.

On the other hand, Indonesia also leads in terms of strengthening its professional network with a score of 45%, followed by the Philippines (40%), Malaysia (40%) and Singapore (35%).

However, it should be emphasized that these results are not conclusive because they were only carried out in four ASEAN countries. However, this research is a pretty good indication of what the ASEAN region thinks about artificial intelligence and its function in the workplace. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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