Remote Release List of Top 100 Cities for Remote Work

Jakarta (MidLand) – Remote, a technology company for developing, managing and providing support to a globally distributed workforce, today released its final list of the top 100 remote work destination cities in the world.

“Remote work allows professionals to advance their careers wherever they feel most inspired, productive and balanced,” Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote, said in an official statement on Wednesday.

“This year’s list of top remote work destination cities reflects not only the best places to live and work remotely, but also the evolving landscape of needs of remote professionals navigating a post- pandemic,” he said.

The top 10 cities on the list include Madrid (Spain), Madeira (Portugal), Toronto (Canada), Auckland (New Zealand), Tokyo (Japan), Paris (France), Portland, Maine (United States), Taipei (Taiwan) , Stockholm (Sweden) and Reykjavík (Iceland).

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The list was compiled based on an in-depth analysis of factors including quality of life, safety, internet infrastructure, economy, travel and more.

The list also leverages the latest data to provide guidance for digital job seekers and other remote professionals in making informed decisions aligned with their personal preferences and career goals.

“One of the most exciting aspects of working across multiple locations is that it allows for the exchange of culture, ideas and innovation, and the creation of thriving communities,” said Job van der Voort.

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“We really want to witness the positive impact the global community will feel on their chosen destinations,” he said.

Remote first published its list of “best destinations for remote work” in 2021, when this type of multi-location work was still relatively new and travel bans were still in place in some countries.

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Now, as the concept of remote work transforms from a necessity to a lifestyle choice for many people, the pressure to choose the right destination city has become increasingly important.

Remote has updated its list to add a number of new factors that reflect current conditions, including inflation and the availability of digital nomad visas, which are now offered by more than 50 countries.

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The full list of the top 100 destinations for remote work can be viewed at as well as being an interactive way to find the best destination cities for remote work based on factors customized based on your needs. You can register or get information about Remote at

You can also find remote jobs at many leading companies through the facility Remote talentwhile freelancers who are also digital nomads can use the facilities Hub for remote freelancers manage and collect customer payments. Remote also offers immigration and relocation services to make it easier for companies to retain high-caliber employees looking to relocate overseas.

Here are the top 10 destination cities in the world for remote work 2024:

Madrid, Spain
Madeira – Portugal
Auckland, New Zealand
Tokyo, Japan
Paris, France
Portland (Maine),-United States
Stockholm, Sweden
Reykjavik – Iceland

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