Registrations for the 2024 Pioneer Scholarship are still open, here are the advantages you can get

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Education assistance program through Scholarship Pioneer 2024 will reopen from August 12, 2023 to September 30, 2023. Potential applicants can apply for scholarships via the Pioneer Scholarship page.

The Pioneer Scholarship itself is a scholarship for orientation in preparation for entry into national universities or PTN higher in Indonesia which is supported by tuition and living costs for 4 years in order to develop candidates prominent figure future. This scholarship is offered to 12th grade high school students in Indonesia.

This scholarship is one of the scholarship programs offered by Amil Zakat Institute (LAZ) of Bandung city i.e. Rumah Amal Salman. Founded in 2007, Rumah Amal actively collects and distributes zakat, infaq and alms funds through its various programs. The Pioneer Scholarship will open nationwide for the first time in 2021 so it can target more recipients.

Type of scholarship awarded

Each scholarship recipient will receive at least 3 benefits, namely:

1. Tutoring Grant
This functionality is provided so that recipients are ready to take part in National Test-Based Selection (SNBT) or Independent Selection (SM).
2. Pocket money and scholarships
This facility will be provided for 4 years or until the beneficiary completes college.
3. Self-construction and development
There is also regular monthly coaching for recipients with material tailored to their individual needs.

Registrant Terms and Conditions


Each potential registrant is described on the registration page, where registrants must meet the following conditions:

1. KTP or other personal identity card
2. Family Card
3. SMA/SMK/equivalent report card
4. Certificate of Achievement (if any)
5. Self-portrait, formally dressed from the waist up and on a red/blue background
6. Social Security Administrative Agency Card (if any)
7. Proof of being registered in the Integrated Social Security Data (DTKS) or Certificate of Inadequacy (SKTM), at least at village level
8. Proof of following Salman Charity House and Pioneer Scholarship Instagram (screenshot)
9. Evidence of sharing your Pioneer Scholarship registration information across 5 social media groups (screenshot).

Registration steps

1. Open the official page
2. You will see the “Register Here” option on the home page.
3. Applicants will be directed to the Google Form for Pioneer Scholarship Registration 2024
4. Make sure the required documents are correct
5. Enter the required email address
6. Scroll down and click on the “Ready” option.
7. Complete the required registration series on the form.

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