Regarding artificial intelligence, professor of philosophy of technology UGM: artificial intelligence will not replace human existence

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Some people start to worry that their existence will be replaced artificial intelligence (TO THE). Artificial intelligence, in fact, has thoughts that are no higher than human ones, as explained by Rangga Kala Mahaswa, professor of Philosophy of Technology at Gadjah Mada University (UGM).

Artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence is the development of a computer system whose task is only to assist tasks related to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence only helps humans in its development because the technology still has limits. Although it has limitations, AI already plays an important role in people’s daily lives, such as cleaning a room, doing homework or making decisions.

During its development, artificial intelligence can be viewed from two sides, namely positive and negative. Artificial intelligence can deliver effectiveness and process data quickly and accurately. Additionally, AI can learn things that humans sometimes ignore, such as checking for typos. AI can also see risks while driving so as to avoid accidents on the road. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can develop in a negative direction because it is misused by humans. However, to date, AI has experienced greater development in a positive direction.

“Until now, AI is still developing in a positive direction, despite the negative aspects,” Rangga told Rachel Farahdiba R of on September 19, 2023.

Due to the development of artificial intelligence, which is increasingly oriented towards positive things, humans actually fear that its existence will be replaced. However, Rangga is very optimistic that humans will not be replaced by artificial intelligence.

“AI only helps humans come up with basic ideas. “Human beings should show something new about themselves so that they can direct and criticize the functioning of artificial intelligence,” she said.

Until now, human existence will not be replaced by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, human existence will once again be called into question due to the presence of artificial intelligence. Humans must formulate skills, capabilities, supervision and ethics in working with AI.

“Don’t let AI become a defense tool the status quo “Which leads to bad direction, such as creating an undemocratic public space,” Rangga said.

Humans have higher thinking than artificial intelligence. Because humans are still responsible for making AI work. As a result, human existence is still at stake in contributing to all sectors, including employment. Artificial intelligence will not enter all jobs by replacing humans. Besides that, there are also several jobs that cannot be replaced by AI, such as artists, designers, and educators.

“Not all jobs will be dominated by AI. “Humans need to make good use of artificial intelligence for the labor system to become fairer,” she said.

Furthermore, Rangga also mentioned several ways in which humans can coexist well with artificial intelligence in the future. Humans need to see the risks so we can know what the next steps will be to address long-term impacts. Humans also need to increase creativity in creating things.

Other than that, the most important way to deal artificial intelligence (AI) is the education of the future so that it can overcome future acceleration. Instead of echoing Industrial Revolution 5.0, but if the Indonesian people can convey it in concrete form according to ethics. Therefore, humans must adapt and collaborate with different parties to live side by side with artificial intelligence.

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