Refusing to meet Elon Musk, this professor’s account blocked by Twitter X: Okezone techno

FORTUNE not wearing them is to be pioneered by New York University professor, Scott Galloway. Due to the refusal of Elon Musk’s invitation, his Twitter account, which is now X, was blocked for more than two weeks.

This was raised by Galloway in his X thread. He deliberately raised this issue because Musk was not treated fairly by Musk as the owner of X.

“A friend came in and said Elon Mus felt ‘unfairly attacked’ by me because I declined his invitation to meet. Two days later my X account was blocked,” Galloway wrote. GizchinaFriday (18/8/2023).

Galloway has been known to regularly criticize Musk after he acquired Twitter. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he also believed that the billionaire was unable to lead Twitter.

Also, some time ago Galloway had insinuated about the Reuters investigation into Tesla cars. He also said that Musk’s ambition to make Twitter an all-in-one application was purely for profit.

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There was also a tweet war between the two. Last time out, Musk simply called Galloway an “intolerable moron.”

Musk himself is known by the slang “Free speech is a dead price.” He also doesn’t hesitate to punish critics of him through the X application.

More recently it has been reported that Musk is limiting links or links on Twitter/X, which link to a number of sites that often irritate him. It is even said that the same is true for competing platforms such as Facebook, Threads, up to Bluesky.

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