Reducing the administrative burden of teachers, the Ministry of Education and Culture releases cloud-based SISTER

TIME.CO, Jakarta – On Thursday, August 10, the General Directorate of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology made a transformation in the service to teachers by releasing an Integrated Resource Information System (SISTER ) cloud-based. SISTER is an application used to store service administration data professor.

Now, with a cloud-based information system, all teacher service data can be collected automatically in one system. Unlike the previous version of SISTER, the teacher service administration data is not synchronized between the tertiary SISTER and the central SISTER in the Directorate-General for Higher Education and Technology.

Until now, the data entered by the professors is stored in the information system of each university, then forwarded by the university operator to the centre. The separation of this information system often results in data not being stored properly, so that it becomes a burden on educators as they have to enter data repeatedly.

What are the advantages of the cloud version of SISTER?

The cloud version of SISTER offers three main advantages, namely a more centralized platform, automatic data synchronization and higher system reliability. These benefits are very important to facilitate faculty service activities, including faculty data modification services (PDD), faculty workload services (BKD), and faculty certification services (SERDOS). With this latest innovation, it can obviously minimize the administrative burden for teachers and increase the work efficiency of teachers.

Acting Director-General of Higher Education, Research and Technology Nizam said SISTER exists as a platform for the entire career process of teachers supporting bureaucratic transformation by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform in order to reduce the workload of teachers in carrying out administrative tasks.

Nizam added that the cloud-based SISTER application comes with various easy logins which are the answer to the problems with the previous constraints of the SISTER application system. Lui revealed that he had repeatedly received complaints that the system was down due to the impact of very high search demand and SISTER, which was previously based on ministry servers.

“To anticipate the future, we are developing a cloud-based SISTER so that access is more reliable, secure, safe and easy for all colleagues,” said Nizam as quoted by website on Sunday 18 August 13, 2023.

Coordination is required for the system to run smoothly

With the various conveniences presented in the latest revolutionary cloud-based SISTER application service, Nizam also emphasizes that educators must remain disciplined and constantly update performance data.


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