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JAKARTA – Gamers are definitely familiar with the various RPG heroes out there, especially those who play games in the MOBA genre. The game published by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), Fight of Legends also features various RPGs including Assassin, Bruiser, Support, Tank, and Ranger.

Each RPG is made up of various heroes, the number of which can reach the dozens, it is known, for each one. Naturally, the five existing RPGs differ from each other, starting with skills, HP, shooting range, etc., including how important these heroes are in the team during the war.

Yesterday we talked about Assassin and Bruiser heroes in Fight of Legends, this time we will talk about Ranger hero RPG. If Bruiser and Assassin have a small shooting range, so they need to be close to enemy heroes when performing attacks, Ranger has a long enough shooting range that they can make ranged attacks.

The heroes in this Ranger RPG have high agility and attacks powerful enough for their presence to help support reduce the HP (heal points) of ranged enemies. In addition to this, the Ranger is also tasked with controlling enemy movement from a distance and giving signals to the team when they need to dodge.

There are advantages and of course there are disadvantages, unfortunately the Ranger is low on HP and lacks the ability to make close range attacks.

In the Fight of Legends game itself, there are four heroes recommended for novice Ranger users on FOL, namely Robin, Peach, Azer and Ray. Each of these heroes has their own advantages, such as Robin, whose damage is so painful that it is easy to kill enemies. Robin’s hero’s attack area/distance is also large enough that he can kill enemies from behind team heroes.

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In addition to this, there is the hero Azer, although the attack distance is not too far, but the defense is also not too low, so this hero is not easy to die, and it is good to advance alone. Azer also has a lot of damage with skills that are easy enough for even beginners to understand.

So, what about the other two recommended heroes like Peach and Ray? It is best to immediately find out the strength of him by playing the Fight of Legends game and at the same time demonstrate the strength of the heroes Robin and Azer.

This game can be downloaded via GooglePlay, AppStore or via the following link . There are dozens of other fantastic and deadly heroes for you to choose from and learn from.

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