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JAKARTA– Apple device owners need to know the causes of rapid overheating of iPhones and how to deal with them.

The reason is that a cell phone that is too hot if left untreated can cause its performance to decrease dramatically and the battery will quickly drain to the point that the cell phone can explode.

Cited by various sources, Monday (9/18/2023), there are several factors behind this. Starting from excessive use of cell phones, up to battery damage. Therefore, you need to know about several possible causes and how to overcome them.

Reasons Why Your iPhone Overheats Quickly

1. Using your iPhone while it’s charging

This happens often, not just for iPhone owners. Other cell phones too.

Why? Because using your cell phone while it is charging will double the performance of the device.

2. Number of questions

Opening many applications such as Instagram, YouTube and gaming applications at the same time can overheat your mobile phone. This will double the performance of the mobile compared to usual.

3. Used outdoors in warm temperatures

Another thing that can cause your iPhone to overheat quickly is using it outdoors where the temperature is high. The iPhone should be used in temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, both outdoors and indoors.

4. Using GPS

Using GPS and real-time navigation features in hot environmental conditions will also make your phone overheat. This is because both features will continue to work even if the mobile is in a screen lock condition.

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So, how to solve it?

1. Check the battery

The reason why the iPhone is hot could be because the cell phone battery is damaged. We recommend that you periodically check the battery quality level.

For example, it’s still at 100%, it’s down to 90%, 80% or even 50%. If the quality level of the battery is low, it must be replaced immediately.

2. Close unused applications

Applications that you believe are not being used should be closed. This is because open applications at the same time can cause the system to consume a lot of battery and cellular data, so the cell phone can heat up quickly.

3. Turn off your cell phone

The most practical way to quickly deal with an iPhone overheating is to turn off the cell phone immediately. The purpose is to give the iPhone’s operating system a complete rest, so that it can cool down more quickly.

4. Turn on airplane mode

If you don’t want to turn off your phone, you can turn on airplane mode on your iPhone. The goal is to temporarily stop using cellular data, so that the system doesn’t consume a lot of battery.

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