Reasons ITB and Student Families Did Not Invite Presidential Candidates to Campus

TIME.CO, Bandung – Bandung Institute of Technology and student families ITB extension they have not yet decided whether to accept or reject the presidential candidates or presidential candidate and their representatives to come to campus. Student families are still conducting studies looking at the developing political dynamics.

“Because we see that it is still too early if we declare that we are open to invite (presidential and vice-presidential candidates),” ITB Student Families Cabinet Chair Yogi Syahputra said on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023.

For this reason, according to Yogi, the ITB student family has not been as active as the student organizations of the University of Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University in inviting presidential candidates to the campus. Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court’s decision to allow general elections or general election participants to campaign in government and educational facilities such as schools and campuses is no longer being challenged.

“So the attitude is more about looking optimistically to the future and examining what steps the friends on campus, the students, need to take in order to further contribute to the national leadership nomination in 2024,” said Yogi.

Yogi said the ITB student family did not want to be used as props for presidential election contestants seeking stage or popularity. It would be better if the campus area was a neutral place with respect to political activities.

“Another factor is the fear that the campus as an academic location could create a polarization that disrupts the academic atmosphere,” said Yogi.

The risk of polarization and political affiliation among ITB academics is also a consideration when inviting political competitors. Regarding the possibility of presidential and vice presidential candidates appearing in academic dress, such as giving a public lecture, KM ITB made a special note.


Students request that all applicants come or not come at all. The discussion is also adapted to the scientific capabilities of the ITB.

“If only one or two come along, it becomes an unhealthy event,” Yogi said.

So far, KM ITB has established communication with some students and faculty about inviting presidential candidates. The result between those who refuse and those who accept is in any case balanced.

Meanwhile ITB has not yet taken action. “I await the results of the coordination meeting between the MRPTNI (Indonesian State University Rectors’ Council) and the KPU to discuss the technical implementation,” Naomi Haswanto, head of the ITB’s communications and public relations office, said on Monday.

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