Rare Solar Plasma Explosion Phenomenon May Threat Electric Doomsday: Okezone techno

SUN in fact, they emit harmful radiations but also many benefits for living beings. This is because solar radiation is filtered out before it reaches the earth.

However, the sun also has a dangerous cycle for living things on earth, namely coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Scientists have identified a coronal mass ejection (CME), which is an event in which the Sun’s plasma and magnetic field are ejected.

There are rumors that a CME could hit Earth, triggering a powerful geomagnetic storm that could cripple radio transmissions. Compiled by Metro, the recently exploded CME according to scientists was split in two.

This CME will eventually release large clouds of magnetized plasma into space and cause disturbances in the magnetic field to trigger radio blackouts. The CME erupted yesterday July 14 from sunspot AR3370, followed by a second CME the next day from AR3363.

As the two eruptions occurred in quick succession, the smaller wave was followed by a second larger cloud, which engulfed the first. He says this phenomenon is rare and requires two CMEs to move along the same trajectory and at a given speed.

As a single CME, none of these current clouds would be strong enough to impact Earth’s magnetic field, but together they formed a mass large enough to potentially trigger a G1 or G2 level disturbance, the most severe geomagnetic storm levels.

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In addition to CME bursts, other solar flares also have the potential to cause communication breakdowns. A solar flare is a large burst of solar radiation that can reach Earth within minutes after an eruption, instead of taking days like a CME explosion.

Earlier this month, a strong solar flare caused radio blackouts in parts of the United States and the Pacific Ocean. The radiation burst was caused by X-class solar flares, the largest and most disruptive category. The recently exploded CME was caused by two C-class rockets.

Of note, 163 sunspots were observed in June 2023, twice as many as expected and more than any other month in the past two decades. There are fears that the number will continue to rise and cause unrest in the future.

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