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JAKARTA – Ragnarok Retro will feature a number of new features. The latest update can be used starting August 16, 2023.

Apart from this there are also two new Memorial Dungeons namely Sara’s Memory and also Faceworm’s Nest. In this update there will be a lot of new equipment that will be presented and of course this will make the game more colorful.

In addition to featuring the Memorial Dungeon, Ragnarok Retro will also add 2 new cities, Rachel and Veins. There will also be 4 new dungeon updates, namely Cursed Monastery, Ice Dungeon, Rachel’s Shrine, and Thor’s Volcano. Inside are many new monsters and of course new MVP monsters!

Meanwhile, in the latest WoE system, there will be a Barricade feature and also a Guardian Stone which will allow for a variety of new tactics that can be applied in combat. Not only new battle mechanics, there are also castles and new divine items, namely Brynhild and Asprika.

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“With the presence of Episode 11 this time, we hope that all players will have a new adventure experience in Ragnarok Retro.” said Gravity Game Link president Harry Choi.

“And we got a lot of positive responses from the Old Glast Heim update in the previous update. So this time we come back to present more challenging Memorial Dungeon.” He continued.

All of the new content is wrapped up in a Big Update titled Update Episode 11: Endless Story. According to the name of the update that is being brought, Ragnarok Retro will feature new stories for the players.

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