Putin’s ambition is to explore space and have an orbital station by 2027

TIME.CO, Jakarta – President Vladimir Put in said on Thursday that the first segment of Russia’s new orbital station, which Moscow sees as the next logical development in space exploration after the International Space Station (ISS), should be operational by 2027.

In a meeting with space industry officials, Putin also vowed to continue Russia’s lunar program despite failing to carry out its first lunar probe in 47 years in August, Russian news agencies reported.

Putin, quoted by Reuters, said that Moscow’s decision to extend its participation in the ISS until 2028, now 25 years old, was a temporary measure.

“When the resources of the International Space Station run out, we will not need just one segment, but the entire station to be operational,” Putin said of Russia’s new orbital station. “And by 2027, the first segment should be put into orbit.”

He said the station’s development must proceed “at the right time” otherwise the Russian program risks falling behind in terms of manned spaceflight development.

The new station, he said, should “take into account all achievements of scientific and technological progress and have the potential to carry out future tasks.”

Yuri Borisov, head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, supported Putin’s position as a means of maintaining his country’s capability for manned spaceflight. “The ISS is aging and will end around 2030,” the Russian agency told reporters.


“If we do not begin large-scale work to create a Russian orbital station by 2024, we will most likely lose capacity due to the time gap. What I mean is that the ISS will no longer exist and the Russian station will no longer exist. it won’t be ready.” In his remarks, Putin also said he was fully informed about the technical error that led to the crash of the Luna-25 spacecraft in August at the Moon’s south pole.

“Of course we will work on this. The lunar program will continue. There are no plans to close it,” Putin said.

“A mistake is a mistake. This is embarrassing for all of us. This is exploration space and everyone understands it. This is an experience that we can use in the future.”

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