Protect your chat privacy, here’s how to use the chat lock feature on WhatsApp

TIME.CO, JakartaWhatsapp has released a new feature called Chat block. Meta’s instant messaging application promotes the Chat Lock feature to ensure that users keep private conversations private.

Characteristic This allows users to set passwords, PINs, and biometric locks for individual and group chats. Where each chat can be individually locked to protect it from unwanted access by other people.

How to use the Chat Block feature

The Chat Block feature is available on Android and iOS with the latest version of the application. Quoted from Between, By enabling this feature, chat threads will be removed from your inbox and placed in a special folder that can only be accessed with a password or your device’s biometric security method, such as a fingerprint.

Besides that, this feature automatically hides chat contents in notifications. This way, once activated, users can feel more secure and maintain their privacy when the cell phone is with family or other people.

To block a chat, users simply tap on the names or groups one by one, then select the block option. Here are the steps:

  • Open the latest version of the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone
  • Select the chats you want to block one by one
  • Then, open the contact’s chat window and tap their name at the top
  • Scroll down and tap on Chat Block option
  • Next, enable the switch and authenticate using the lock screen.


WhatsApp automatically uses the phone’s lock screen method to block chats. Then, do the same for the other chats you want to block.

Please note that everything chat those blocked in WhatsApp are moved under the new Blocked Chat tap. Simply swipe from top to bottom on the chat list screen to access the Blocked Chats option. Tap it, then authenticate, and all your blocked chats will be available.


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