Professor Unair shares advice for success in writing a thesis: you need the right strategy

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Directorate of Student Affairs of Airlangga University (Unair) provides assistance in the form of composing tips and tricks thesis TO student Bidikmisi active. The tutoring took place on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at Majapahit Room, ASEEC Tower Building, Unair Dharmawangsa-B Campus with the theme “Tips and tricks for a successful thesis.’

Through this assistance, Taufan Bramantoro said that in the thesis writing process, students need to prepare the right strategy. Without the right strategy, students will encounter difficulty and confusion.

“I’m working on my thesis NO it can be random, the right strategy is needed in planning the search and controlling the situation. “Even though the thesis is no longer an absolute requirement (for the degree), we can use it to add value,” said the professor of Management and Dentistry, according to Unair’s official website.

According to Taufan, every student, without exception, will produce work as an implementation of the final assignment. However, the forms vary depending on each scientific field.

Taufan compares a thesis to a student’s life journey. Like life, a thesis also has goals, projects and stories in the preparation phase.

Tips for successfully working on your thesis

In this process, Taufan said, students must maintain their mood and thoughts as they work on the final assignment. Therefore, it is important to seek a healthy environment or friendship to maintain your mood and thoughts.


“Without a clear mind, we will have difficulty getting things done. Also, a bad environment will affect your psychology and become a hindrance, especially when working on your thesis,” Taufan said.

Another key, according to Taufan, is understanding the nature or character of the supervisor. This is very important for the correct process of working on your thesis. “Because the instructor’s review will guide us to graduate and sustain the process,” she said.

Something that cannot be missed is determining the topic and location of the research. Taufan stressed that preliminary research is needed before deciding what topic will be studied and where the research will be conducted. Research is useful for anticipating the risk of barriers when gathering information from interviewees.

“Determining the location for thesis research first requires field research. “For example, we will choose a location in a school, permission from the school principal and stakeholders will be the key (for) our research to be carried out well,” Taufan said.

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