Pratikno has appointed Bey Machmudin as a staff expert in political communication

Jakarta (MidLand) – Minister of State Secretary Pratikno appointed Bey Triadi Machmudin on Wednesday as expert staff for political communication and public relations at the State Secretariat building of the Ministry in Jakarta.

Bey Machmudin previously served as Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media at the Presidential Secretariat. He also currently holds the position of Acting Governor (PJ) of West Java.

“The one who rotates is Ms. Sari, the expert staff. The position of the expert staff is changed. Then the expert staff for communication and public relations becomes vacant. This is filled by Mr. Bey. Mr. Bey was previously the deputy Protocol press and media,” Pratikno said during the meeting at the Ministry at the State Secretariat in Jakarta on Wednesday.

During the inauguration, there was a change of position, i.e. Sari Harjanti, who was previously senior staff for political communication and public relations, was rotated as senior staff for economy, maritime affairs, human development and culture.

Since this position was vacant, Bey Machmudin worked as an experienced staff for political communication and public relations.

This rotation of positions is established in Presidential Decree Number 35/TPA of 2024 relating to dismissal and appointment from and to middle-senior management positions within the Secretariat of State.

According to Pratikno, Bey’s duties as acting governor of West Java are excessive because he must continue to fulfill his obligations as deputy for protocol, press and media, which are related to President Jokowi’s ever-demanding activities.

“So Mr. Bey also doesn’t have to run here and there because the deputy of the presidential secretariat is very busy with Mr. President’s activities which are always busy,” Pratikno said.

Pratikno added that the position of acting governor of West Java is still entrusted to Bey.

Meanwhile, Bey admitted that this rotation did not give him any weight to prepare the commemoration of the 79th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in the capital of the Archipelago (IKN).

“We just do it and it’s easier for me because there’s no burden to prepare the 17s for IKN and I can focus more on West Java,” Bey said.

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