PPPK 2023 teacher candidates who fail administrative selection can submit a rebuttal, here’s how

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Participants in the selection of Public Employees with Employment Contract o PPPK 2023 who are found to have failed the administrative selection, may lodge an objection. Candidates can lodge an objection within a maximum of three days of the announcement, which will take place from 15 to 18 October 2023. This means that the opposition period is open from 19 to 21 October 2023.

However, filing an objection does not mean correcting the mistakes made by the applicant. The disclaimer aims to refute the agency’s erroneous audit findings. The reasons for the refutation must be correct, realistic, not invented. Disclaimers should be based on previously uploaded documents and not on reuploads of new documents.

If the requester realizes that the mistake is his, it is not recommended to use the rebuttal function. Because submitting an objection will not change the audit results. The PPPK Teacher Registration Guide 2023 for the State Civil Service Candidate Selection System has regulated the provisions relating to the rebuttal function. If a discrepancy is found between the content of the opposition and the documents uploaded during registration, the applicant will have to bear the consequences.

How to file an objection

So, what does an objection look like?
If you fail the 2023 PPPK Teacher Administrative Screening, a notification will appear on the Resume Registration page, “We’re sorry. You have failed the administrative screening because you have not met the administrative requirements of the agency to which you are applying.”
This notification will be accompanied by an ineligible status or TMS.

Based on data released by the State Civil Service Agency, the total number of PPPK teacher candidates in 2023 is 439,020. Of the total applicants, there were 21,386 applicants in the TMS category. This means that they have the right to lodge an objection.

Here’s how to file an objection for TMS status applicants:


1. Open the page
2. Log in to your sscasn account
3. Click Summary
4. Select the Submit an objection option
5. An objection form will appear containing information about the requirements not met
fulfilled, the documents that the applicant has uploaded and the column of the reason for opposition
6. Enter the objection reason from the administrative selection results in the objection reason column
7. If you are sure about the disclaimer, check the disclaimer box and click Finish disclaimer process
8. If the objection reason column is still blank but the requester finishes the objection process, a warning will be displayed “You can only object if all non-compliant requirements are denied”
9. After entering the objection, you will see the message “Are you sure you want to finish and process the objection?” If you are sure, click Yes. If not, click No
10. It will appear that the opposition request was successful.
Refresh your resume page and a “You’ve already denied this” notification appears. Please wait for a response from the agency.’

According to the website of the Ministry of State for Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, agencies have the right to accept or reject objections submitted. Submission refutation do not correct documents or other errors made by the applicant.

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