Police are investigating the case of a ship explosion under the Ampera Bridge

Palembang (MidLand) –

Police officers in Palembang, South Sumatra, are investigating the case of the explosion of a Jukung ship that caused a fire under the Ampera Bridge.

“We have handled this incident and are continuing to intensify the investigation into the trigger of this explosion. Whether it was a pure accident or human error was involved, we are still investigating,” Palembang Police Chief Commissioner confirmed on Tuesday , Harryo Sugihhartono. .

He explained that the tragic accident occurred on Monday, April 1, 2024 evening at Apung Palembang Fuel Filling Station (SPBB) when a jukung vessel that was refueling (BBM) suffered an explosion.

This incident started on Monday afternoon when the jukung vessel was refueling at SPBB Apung. After the closure of the SPBB, the jukung vessel was still in place.

“From the results of the crime scene investigation, we found sparks from the wood and anchor which exploded, causing the wood and anchor to be thrown into the SPBB,” he said.

He added that the initial point of the explosion occurred on the right side of the SPBB which sustained heavy damage. Based on interim investigations, police concluded that the source of the explosion was near the end of the SPBB.

The sparks reached the roof of the SPBB, it can be concluded that the explosion occurred from the ship.

This accident resulted in the death of a boat driver named Askolani. Meanwhile, two of them are critical, namely Dedi and Krisna, and another victim, Endut, is still wanted.

Meanwhile, according to information provided by residents around the crash site, a fairly loud bang was heard, which is believed to be an explosion coming from the ship.

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