POCO Star represents Indonesia at FFWS 2023 Bangkok: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – LITTLE Star became the first Indonesian team to secure tickets to the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2023 Bangkok. They achieved this after placing first in the League Phase Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 8 Final Ranking in the final week of September 22-24, 2023.

This result places them firmly at the top of the table with a total of 673 points, 29 points ahead of RRQ Kazu as the closest competitor. The Key to POCO Star’s Victory Playing consistently and objectively is one of the keys to POCO Star’s success in becoming the new champion of FFML Season 8.

They not only focus on mining clearing points, but also on placement points in a balanced way. As a result, POCO Star managed to garner the highest points in both placement (345 points) and elimination (328 points) among the 12 competing teams.

Their consistency in securing kills and placements managed to maintain the point difference over RRQ Kazu in second place. Even though they continue to be chased by RRQ Kazu, eager to reduce the points difference, POCO Star is still able to maintain its lead.

At the end of the last week, RRQ Kazu managed to reduce the points difference to only 29 points from the previous 50. RRQ Kazu also had to settle for sitting in second place in League Phase FFML Season 8.

In addition to the fight for the title of dominator of the league phase, the competition is also intense at the bottom of the table. Even if they are not fighting for the first position, these teams are competing to secure the top 12 rankings so they can qualify for the semi-finals and finals.

This competition involves community teams and rookies like Persis x Oke up to experienced teams like Kagendra and MBR Epsilon. Even though they performed well in the last week, Kagendra and MBR Epsilon had to bite the bullet at the end of League Phase FFML Season 8.

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They failed to match the points of Persis x Oke and Rocks Esports who finished 11th and 12th. With this achievement, Persis x Oke also set a record for being the only community team that managed to qualify for the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals in FFML Season 8.

Meanwhile, the 12 teams that qualified for the FFML Season 8 Semifinals and Finals are POCO Star, RRQ Kazu, Tigerwong Esports, Thorrad, Onic Olympus, Evos Divine, Dewa United Esports, Morph Team, Bigetron Delta, Genesis Dogma SF, Persis X Oke and Rocks Esports.

The 12 teams qualified for the Final Phase are now preparing to play the Semi-final matches which will take place on 30 September 2023 and 1 October 2023. They will compete again in the championship for two days with points starting from zero.

Their final position in the Semi-Finals leaderboard will later be converted into Head Start points as preparation for the Grand Finals round. Meanwhile, the final match or Grand Finals of FFML Season 8 will be held on October 8, 2023 at Jakarta International Velodrome.

Not just a competition for prestige, this match will determine the FFML Season 8 champion. Besides that, this match will also be a competition for two more slots towards FFWS 2023 Bangkok.

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