POCO Extreme League Season 2 is coming, ready to hone young Indonesian eSports talents: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Season 2 of POCO Extreme League will officially take place soon, this event will once again test the skills of young talents in the field of eSports.

After being successful in POCO Extreme League Season 1 which was held in Manado, Semarang, Solo, Lampung and Banjarbaru, POCO Extreme League Season 2 will be held in Ambon, Kendari, Tegal, Balikpapan and Padang.

And in this year’s event, after previously only involving Free Fire, Mobile Legends is now also included as one of the competing games.

“There is no denying, gaming has become an important part, especially for young people. “Indeed, professional gamers or what we often call professional gamers have become a highly sought-after profession,” said Andi Renreng, marketing manager at POCO Indonesia, on the sidelines of the launch of the event in Jakarta, Thursday (14/9). /2023).

“And I believe that Indonesia has many talents capable of recording various results. As well as being a competition to bring out the best potential and hone one’s playing skills. And POCO Extreme League Season 2 can be a bridge to realize the dream to join an eSports team and experience being a professional gamer,” he further stated.

A total of 5,120 people will compete in Season 2 of the POCO Extreme League. 3,200 of them are divided into 128 Mobile Legends teams, while 1,920 are divided into 96 Free Fire teams.

Subsequently, the winners from each city will be taken to Jakarta to be trained professionally, according to their respective gaming competitions.

POCO Extreme League Season 2 will start in Ambon for Mobile Legends on September 16th, while Free Fire on September 17th. For Kendari, Mobile Legends will be held on October 21st, while Free Fire will be held on October 22nd. For Tegal, Mobile Legends will be held on November 11th, then Free Fire on November 12th.

For Balikpapan, Mobile Legends on November 25th, then Free Fire on November 26th. For Padang, Mobile Legends on December 2nd, then Free Fire on December 3rd.

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