Photoshop will have a web version, here are its features

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Adobe has announced a web version of its popular photo editing software, viz Photoshop. Photoshop Web will be available as part of all Photoshop packages along with Adobe Firefly’s recently launched generative AI capabilities. They include generative filling and generative expansion.

Quoted from Gadgets now, PhotoshopWeb presents more ways to access the power of Photoshop. It also provides easy access, no download or installation process is required. With Photoshop Web, users will have the ability to create, open, or edit any Photoshop document created using the app or web version.

Photoshop Web also offers the ability to collaborate with others to work together on a project or receive necessary feedback. This collaboration feature may work for users who are not Photoshop subscribers.

Even in the web version Photoshop makes no compromises tools-his. Adobe claims to have integrated almost everything tools Photoshop is the most commonly used and available on the desktop. Additionally, they’ve simplified navigation to get new users used to the interface.

Photoshop Web also includes a name tools to make navigation easier for users who are not very familiar with Photoshop.


Generative Fill and Generative Expansion are also available in the web version. Adobe has integrated Firefly features into Photoshop Web. These features allow users to non-destructively add, expand, or remove content from an image by proportionally matching perspective, lighting, and style.

The contextual task bar is also available on the web. It is essentially an on-screen menu that recommends the most relevant steps in the main workflow and helps reduce the number of clicks needed to complete a task.

Adobe announced that Photoshop for the web is available as part of all Photoshop packages. Apart from this, the company also offers a 7-day free trial to users who want to try it out.

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