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JAKARTA – Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology also impact the employment sector. Recently, a United Nations (UN) study stated that administrative professions and women’s jobs have the greatest potential to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

A study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), which is part of the United Nations, shows that generative artificial intelligence will represent both a solution and a threat to many professions. The problem is that AI can automate administrative work, which is dominated by female workers, especially in developed countries.

The study found that most jobs and industries are at risk of automation by generative AI, which has proved hugely popular since the release of ChatGPT by Microsoft-backed OpenAI at the end of the last year.

Administrative professions are likely to be impacted by generative AI capable of generating content such as personalized image captions, after being trained on large amounts of existing material, with around a quarter of businesses heavily impacted by potential automation.

However, the ILO hopes that a number of companies will use artificial intelligence not to replace workers’ roles, but to complement their work.

“Therefore, the biggest impact of this technology will likely not be job losses, but rather potential changes in job quality, especially work intensity and autonomy,” said the report, quoted by SiliconWednesday (8/23/2023).

Administrative work is most exposed to AI risk, as nearly a quarter of tasks can be automated. However, most other professions, such as managers and sales people, have little exposure to AI.

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What’s the solution?

Even if it only impacts developed countries, the ILO warns that AI capabilities should not reduce job opportunities. They offer restrictions on the use of AI so that everything works in balance.

They said countries should develop policies to support an “orderly, equitable and consultative” transition, stressing that AI is just a tool.

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