Pandawara calls Cibutun Sukabumi beach the fourth dirtiest in Indonesia, this is the step of Bey Machmudin

TIME.CO, Jakarta – West Java Acting Governor Bey Machmudin said that the problem between the village head and Karang Taruna Sangrawayang and the Pandawara group who mentioned Cibutun Beach, Sukabumi Regency, was beach the dirtiest quarter in Indonesia is just a misunderstanding.

“I have previously spoken directly to the village head (Kades) of Sangrawayang regarding the Pandawara group’s statement that Cibutun Beach is one of the dirtiest beaches in Indonesia. Of course this must be accepted, because this is a criticism for us (the government) can pay more attention to environmental conditions,” Bey said on the sidelines of the Cibutun beach cleanup action on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

According to him, after talking with the village head and youth organization about the plan to sue the Pandawara Group, it turned out that it was just an emotional expression and they apologized so that the problem has been resolved between the two parties.

With video content created and distributed by the Pandawara Group via Tik Tok going viral, he said, it’s obviously not a problem, but you have to take it on the bright side. This criticism appears to have inspired several institutions and elements of society to clean up the piles of garbage on Cibutun beach in Palabuhanratu district.

It turns out that with inter-institutional cooperation and collaboration, Cibutun Beach will be clean again and can become a major tourist destination in Sukabumi Regency in the future, especially Sangrawayang Village.

“The most important thing now is how to keep Cibutun Beach clean. Of course, collective awareness is needed, not only the responsibility of the residents and government of Sangrawayang Village, but of the entire community and industry, so as not to throw waste or waste in the river because it will be washed out to sea and end up on the beach,” he added.

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90% inorganic waste


Bey said that from the results of an examination of the waste accumulated on Cibutun beach, more than 90 percent was inorganic waste, and many remains of clothes and clothes were also found.

Therefore, his party coordinated with the TNI and Polri to carry out an investigation to find out where the waste or waste in the form of pieces of cloth came from, whether it was deliberately thrown into the river or there was another cause.

Meanwhile, Sangrawayang village head Muhtar said the statement made some time ago was that he would ask for the Pandawara group to be guided by emotions, because he did not want his village’s name to become bad.

He communicated directly with the acting governor West Java and apologized for his remarks and admitted that he had indeed received criticism regarding the conditions of Cibutun beach, but what stirred his emotions were the words fourth dirtiest beach in Indonesia.

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