Palestine-Israel conflict heats up again, lecturer HI Unair: efforts to fight for independence

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Professor of International Relations at the University of Airlangga (Unair) M. Muttaqien responds to the conflict between Israel and Palestine which recently warmed up again. Previously, on October 7, 2023, the militant group of the Palestinian nationalist and Islamic movement Hamas attacked cities in Israel. Hamas claims to have fired up to 5,000 rockets into Israeli territory.

Muttaqien said the Palestinian people did this in an attempt to get him back independence territory and does not violate the provisions of international law. “The United Nations (UN) resolution itself gives the right to nations fighting for their independence to use various methods, including the use of armed force, and this is what the Palestinian people have done,” he said, quoted Wednesday from the Unair website, 18 October 2023.

What is the solution?

Muttaqien said ongoing tensions between Palestine and Israel have had a major impact on global political conditions. This condition in terms of international relations is called All the Arab concern.

This is because the conflict between the two has attracted a lot of attention from the international community, especially from the Arab nation and the Islamic world. This condition can trigger a good impact, because it gets general sympathy.

Muttaqien said that on a regional level, countries that directly border Israel will definitely respond to problems occurring in Palestine. “Similarly, a broader scope not directly bordering Israel, including countries as large as the United States and Russia, supports Palestine,” she said.


According to Muttaqien, the solution to defuse this conflict is to guarantee independence for Palestine. The war currently raging between the two is a response from Hamas as a nation entitled to independence.

“When this right is not respected, the problem of conflict will continue to drag on. “This could be part of Hamas’ response that it still exists as a nation,” Muttaqien said.

Indonesia itself continues to consistently support Palestinian independence. This is in line with the message of the country’s constitution that independence is the right of all nations.

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