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Currently, there are various websites that make money directly to your account, which can be an attractive option to earn additional income.

The advantage is obviously being able to earn without having to leave the house and the job isn’t difficult.

These sites are also very popular because they promise their users fast payouts with attractive commissions in return.

These various sites offer easy tasks and you can work as a freelancer when you have free time.

Here, Okezone summarizes the websites that make money directly to a no capital account, which you can try here:

1. is a freelance website for graphic design and branding, web and programming, multimedia (video, photography and audio), writing and translation, as well as marketing and advertising. CEO Ryan Gondokusumo recently said that there was a merger between Sribulancer and to make it more focused and centralized.

Since it was first launched, has served more than 30,000 different clients. Starting with individuals, SMEs and companies.

Later freelancers can find jobs that match your skills. Register directly by submitting the specified portfolio and rates.

If accepted, you can negotiate salary directly with the client. The harder you work, the higher your rate. It could be a way to earn 500 thousand a day, that’s it!

Even though this site is free, there will be a 10% commission for every job you get.

2. Contraction

The Twitch site is a video service site for downloading and watching videos and streaming videos.

So that generally Twitch users are gamers and musicians. In addition, consumers can also find various e-sports competition broadcasts on this site.

The way to earn money on Twitch is similar to the model on YouTube or YouTube Gaming. So you have to be diligent in uploading content so that the number of subscribers and donations you receive increases.

Interestingly, content creators can also live stream as they communicate with their fans via the Twitch platform.

3. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks site offers services to users to fill out surveys, view advertisements or watch YouTube videos and get paid.

Users are required to answer survey questions, watch videos, play games or sell affiliate products. Previously, of course, you had to create and verify an account at Swagbucks.

If the user answers the survey, he will get points which can later be exchanged in various forms. Starting with PayPal balances or various other products on the Amazon platform.

4. Secure connection

Safelink is actually a cloud-based platform that can store and transfer data. However, the name Safelink is also a URL shortening site that can generate money for its users.

There are various URL shortening sites using the Safelink name with different name variations such as Safelink Duit and SafelinkU although there is no correlation.

This shortened URL website using the Safelink name provides users with opportunities to shorten links and share them with others.

Every time someone clicks on the link, the user will be paid by the website.

5. YouTube Partners

Content from video creators can still generate income on YouTube. Because there is potential to make money with this YouTube partner.

It is generally recommended to set up a discussion category that is always discussed. So focus and make interesting videos regularly. Don’t forget to actively promote on social media to get lots of subscribers.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can meet project owners and get freelancing jobs easily.

Different categories to choose from on this site, such as graphic design, digital marketing, writing or translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming, business and lifestyle.


This website is well known as a free image supply site and can also be used as a source of income.

Users can become contributors to Shutterstock and start using this site to generate income.

By uploading images with a certain theme, you can earn money if someone is interested in using it.

8. Etsy

Etsy is an exchange site for items that have an artistic or artistic value, such as knitwear, jewelry, up to the classic wall displays.

9. ySsense

ySsense is a very easy to use money making web. This site will provide you with various surveys and tasks for you to answer and complete.

10. rev

Rev is a golden opportunity for those interested in a career in audio and video transcription and translation.

Subsequently all users are required to first take a transcription skills test to maintain the quality of the transcriptions made.

11. Stemit

The Steemit site is one of the most sophisticated social media and blogs because it uses the blockchain system.

Users must also be highly intelligent because they have to write interesting and booming articles.

Apart from this, you also need to be active in blogging, like voting and commenting on other people’s posts.

12. Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook has an Ad Breaks program that allows you to make money from uploaded videos.

Facebook ad breaks are now available in Indonesia. This program is still relatively new and the competition is nothing like YouTube.

13. 99 drawings

This website is for workers interested in design. Starting from logos, poster designs, products, clothes, up to mockups. Everyone has the opportunity to become a designer on the website.

14. Clickworkers

Clickworker website hosts freelancers with different skills. The way it works is as simple as registering with Clickworker and then you will be routed according to your expertise.

15. Upwork

This website acts as an intermediary between freelancers and their clients. Upwork hosts various fields of work from design, writing, video, programming, web design and many more.

16. Daily movement

This website really helps video editors to monetize their video works. Editors will earn revenue every time a user watches an ad on one of these videos.

17. Web point

The Poin-web website presents many options for earning money. One of them is filling out the surveys provided.

You can also give your opinion about the app to earn more. After that, you can withdraw your money if you have accumulated up to 15,000 points.

18. Connection snacks

SnackLink can convert links to your personal blog. In addition to increasing traffic, automatically in terms of blog revenue you can also help increase.

19. Envato Markets

Envato Markets can be very useful for promoting and selling artwork or literature digitally, as well as selling it.

20. Involve Asia (Best Affiliate Money Making Site)

Involve Asia is already well known in the online business world because it is built for e-commerce and online shopping businesses in Southeast Asia region.

The goal is to promote and enhance online trading activities.


This website can earn by registering and typing captcha. On this site you will be paid a certain amount after successfully completing the captcha task, depending on the level of difficulty.

22. is a well-known freelance site in Indonesia. The freelancer field is very open to various types of projects such as programming, design, social media, and writing.


ACX is a site that makes money by being the narrator of audiobooks. Those who have a hobby of reading and have a good voice can register on the site and look for available vacancies for audio book narrators.

24. Own website

Ways to make money can also come from blogging, especially through sponsored content, paid reviews, and ads or advertisements.

The website can be used for online stores, dropship platforms or referral code promotions in affiliate programs.

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