Oh yes, Xiaomi was reported because it was accused of stealing Tesla technology: Okezone techno

SHANGHAI – American electric car company Teslasued Xioami subsidiary Bingling Intelligent Technology for alleged technology theft.

From the report Journal of Asiaon Thursday (07/09/2023), Tesla found that the company whose shares are owned by Xiaomi had violated technical secrets and committed acts of unfair competition.

Specifically, Tesla accused Bingling Intelligent Technology of infringing its intellectual property rights (IPR) in the design of integrated circuit chips. The Chinese company is also said to have stolen the automaker’s technological secrets.

Tesla is not joking in pursuing this lawsuit. This is because the trial on these charges will be held soon at the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court on October 10, 2023.


Meanwhile, the Panda Daily website believes that Tesla’s accusations are very serious. According to them, as a company with advanced electric vehicle technology and related patents, Tesla’s technological secrets are what make it different from other electric car companies.

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Tesla is therefore naturally concerned that Bingling’s actions could lead to technology leaks and theft of trade secrets, negatively impacting the Elon Musk-led company’s market position and business interests.

“Also, it should be noted that Xiaomi Smart Factory acquired shares of Bingling Intelligent Technology in March this year, becoming the second largest shareholder with an ownership stake of about 11.86%,” Panda Daily said.

This condition actually further complicates the case involving the interests of the well-known technology company Xiaomi. Furthermore, Xiaomi is currently focusing on the development of electric cars.

“Tesla will seek court support to protect its technology secrets and demand that Ice Bingling Intelligent Technology stop infringements and unfair competition,” Panda Daily explained.

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