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TIM Multi-agency paleontologists have discovered a new dinosaur in Thailand. The dinosaur fossils were found at an excavation site in Phu Noi in northern Thailand.

In their paper published in the journal Diversity, the team discovered a previously unknown species called Minimocursor phunoiensis. This is a kind of herbivorous dinosaur.

Reporting from various sources, Minimocursor phunoiensis is described as having four limbs but walking on two legs. It also has a long body and long tail, with a beak-like snout.

This new dinosaur had crests running along its sides. They are believed to have lived between 145 and 163 million years ago. The team estimated that when grown, the dinosaur was about 2 meters long.

The researchers also looked through the bones to describe the dinosaur’s shape, but had to guess the color of the species. Overall, its physical characteristics suggest it was able to run fast enough to evade predators. The research team described the fossil as a highly articulated skeleton and one of the best preserved fossils.

Based on the size of the bones found at the site, the researchers found that the dinosaur was juvenile. They estimated it to be about 60 centimeters long, about the size of a medium-sized dog. However, the adult version of this dinosaur may have been much larger.

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When fully grown, this dinosaur is estimated to have reached two meters, based on the longest bones found. The researchers considered a number of names to show just how small this species is. They combined the Latin name “minimus” meaning “smallest” with “cursor” for “runner” for the first part of their scientific name.

It is the most intact found in Southeast Asia. The team concluded that while studies of this fossil are still ongoing, some of the bones have yet to be processed, including the skull.

Of note, the Phu Noi excavation site has yielded a large number of fossils over the years. In this new venture, the research team focused their efforts on rock-embedded fossils that were in good condition.

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