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VERY United States Air Force and Space (NASA) plans to build a house on the Moon by 2040 that can be used by astronauts and the general public. This development is in line with the mission of several countries to make the moon a new source of energy in the future.

“NASA believes that by 2040 the United States will have the first society to live in space,” he said New York Timesthis Wednesday (10/04/2023).

NASA’s plan is not just a figment of the imagination. The problem is that the project has been underway for a long time, so the process of building a house on the Moon will actually go according to plan.

The first step was to send a 3D printing machine to the Moon. It is expected that the machine will be able to build structures, which will later be claimed as residences, thanks to the layered mixture of different minerals.

“The building will be made of rock flakes, mineral fragments and dust from the upper layers of the Moon,” explained the New York Times.

NASA’s director of technology maturation, Niki Werkheiser, said the plan to build a house seemed ridiculous. It’s just that NASA sees that building a house on the Moon is inevitable.

To make this wish come true, NASA invited several parties to be involved in this prestigious mission. The reason is that they need other knowledge and technologies that can help them build a house on the moon.

“Everyone is ready to take this step together, so if we develop our core capabilities, there is no reason why this can’t be done,” Niki Werkheiser said.

One of the parties invited by NASA to participate in the construction of the house was the ICON construction company. NASA also provided aid funds so that ICON could create a building system that could be used in space.

Currently, ICON has published several technical drawings regarding the design of a house on the moon. However, ICON is not alone in making this home. They also collaborated with Bjarke Ingels Group and SEArch+ to create a home concept that is believed to survive the moon’s unique conditions.

Until now, ICON is very confident that three-dimensional printing technology is a reasonable solution for building a house on the moon.

“Three-dimensional printing technology can create a better future for humanity,” said Jason Ballard, CEO of ICON.

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The conditions on the moon are very unique for building a house. The huge amount of dust on the moon will be a big problem when building a house.

Raymond Clinton Jr, a senior NASA technician, said three-dimensional printing technology must handle lunar materials that are different from terrestrial ones. The soil on the Moon can reach 600 degrees and the radiation is very bad.

Not to mention the micrometeorites that will put three-dimensional printing technology to the test. He himself believes that this condition can be overcome with the rapid development of existing science and technology.

It’s just that he figured not everyone would be able to stay home that month. Only young people in excellent physical condition can stay on the Moon for a long time.

“I wish I was alive to see this happen,” he hoped.

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